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2/26 c4 lucel18
Aww...i love it! Thank you so much!
2/25 c4 Maria Rosa cisi
Yo quiero saber mas no me dejes asi. Esta bien por esta vez te perdono.
2/25 c4 2SoEulMates Forever
Cute! Nice chapter! It was really a good one! But I'm so sad that these series ended :( I'll miss them for sure!
2/25 c4 Guest
That was so lovely
Thank you so much for sharing this short series with us
I hope to read more of your amazing fics soon
Stay safe
2/19 c3 Guest
author! can we please please have a full version of 2 and 3? please

the next one is A Cinderella Story? the one with Hilary Duff on it
2/19 c3 kiki
oh my god I'm curious
2/19 c3 Maria Rosa cisi
Oye no puedes dejarnos asi queremos saber quien ganara la apuesta si tonto Woo bin o mas tonto yi jong. Tonto por aver pensado en aser la apuesta y mas tonto porque asepto y talvez termine queriendo mas
2/18 c3 SoEulMates Forever
Cliffhangers! Ugh, I can't wait for the update! Nice Chapter! FIGHTING!
2/18 c3 3Lucecita2786
Ohhh noooo tendra una continuacion este capitulo...? o haras otras historia dios miooooo! me quede coon ganas de mas :(
2/18 c3 Guest
That was cool
You know what...? maybe you can make a short fic about a bet that Yi jeang made with one of his friend about Ga eul , I think it will be interesting. Lol
Thank you for the update and hope to read more soon
2/18 c3 lucel18
For next week, it’s A Cinderella Story. Am I right? Lol!
Thank you so much for this one shot! Love how you adapted it so well in the BOF universe.
2/12 c2 5Khashya
Though I haven't watched any of the original movies, this chapter was so cute in all its expression. Ga Eul was so clear in my imagination... and so was Yi Jeong . As always your depiction of them is brilliant! I really loved this chapter. :)
2/11 c1 amymuppet1
My Gen X heart is loving these!
2/11 c2 lucel18
AHHHHHHHHH! Lol! awesome adaptation!
The next one is “She’s All That,” right?
Can’t wait! Thank you!
2/11 c2 2SoEulMates Forever
good chapter! it fits them well! will be waiting for your next update! FIGHTING!
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