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for A REALLY Stupid Exam

5/9 c1 Brenden1k
I think this makes sense if the weight was just a reminder you are handicapped here so hold back a little bit.
4/16 c1 110Right What Is Wrong
I know nothing about this fandom, and I still found it hilarious. :D
4/12 c1 UltimateTurkey3
Lmao I never thought of any of this, but now that this is pointed out, I realize how dumb the final exams were xD especially considering how Nezu (?) is supposed to be a stupid intelligent rat
4/8 c1 Namittheking
this is another awesome story
4/3 c1 4Huntsman8888
I really love how you weight Izuku, he's just done with putting up with other people's bullshit.
4/3 c1 Samuel Okine
The only, ONLY way this would be better was if it was DarkViperAU saying (screaming/ranting) what Izuku said.
3/18 c1 LordNairvehlius
My God he just killed them dude!
3/3 c1 Reptil
2/9 c1 Guest
I loved this
2/8 c1 Dylan-A-Friend
2/7 c1 Link
To me this is just a bunch of whining from a Karen.
2/5 c1 SpectacularSpidey
funny. it always did baffle me why they did it that way. they should've just done something like having the third years test them. would have been interesting to see izuku vs mirio much earlier, and with the weights, mirio would be on equal footing bc he wouldn't be able to permiate between someone's attack. that would be balanced (enough anyways)
2/5 c1 Guest
Please continue this.
2/5 c1 3doubledamn
Mind if I drop a crack!fic plot bunny here?

Izuku Midoriya has the Quirk know as 'Plot Armour'.

Have fun.
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