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9/5 c1 notanyone19
Oh I love this
7/4 c1 Guest
7/4 c1 Guest
7/3 c1 Guest
7/3 c1 Guest
Lmao... to think, Adam Taurus probably underwent more character development in this throwaway fanfic than he did in about three to four seasons worth of RWBY - kinda says a lot for the original source material..! *smh*
7/4 c1 6XXxxxadisxxxXX
A bit convoluted but otherwise, It's a good prologue. I'll stick around for the next chapter. Until then...

7/2 c1 HalosZealotDemon
Can you continue wolf in sheep’s clothing it’s SO GOOD
6/18 c1 1jesus
Really awesome chapter hope to see more soon. Forgive me for asking but is it okay if you can create another RWBY crossover with Watchmen in the future, it can actually be about settling down in Remnant and when Salem discovers him they could actually fall in love?
5/22 c1 3Ayman El Kadouri
God damm I like this it gives the vibes I give this 10 out of 10
5/20 c1 Groolsh
This gave me goosebumps, looking forward to more!
4/19 c1 16Zaru
Ohhhh this looks promising.

If you continue on this would be cool to see. Liking the idea of the Shura as this boogeyman of sorts.
4/7 c1 5Dysentia
Welcome back!

I would love to this continued as well as Kindred Spirit as they both go beyond the superficial and focus on world building and lore first. Suffice to say, I love it.
4/2 c1 hauntedpotato
love the style and writing, love seeing the shura end explored. hope you continue this as id love to see how you fuse the worlds
2/18 c1 codfix1998
This is awesome I'd love more
2/8 c1 Guest
if you can continue this series in this kind of format, with events about Shura and lore about it like this chapter, going onto canon, I think it would be AWESOME. and, while Sekiro would probably make at best cameo appearances in the first and second volumes, the third one, specifically the fall of Beacon, will probably cause him to interfere. The best way (in my opinion) would be to have him show up as Cinder kills Amber, but he chases after Cinder when she leaves, and Ozpin recognizes him and gives out some cryptic last words before he dies of his wounds, leaving the final fight of the third volume to be Shura vs Cinder, or, in other words...Flames of Hatred vs Flames of Fall(the season).
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