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16h c33 AnimeFan13579
Well lot of progress with this. Tywin and The Mountain being captured leaves only a few "Lannister's" in Kings Landing of note. With knowledge of their parentage like Tommen wouldn't be seen as any threat as by their society he's a bastard without a claim. Tyrion would of course be let go seeing as he was feeding Intel to their side to side them. Things would only end up being questionable on the matter of Jaime.

We also have this chapter end with Meera basically declared to be the queen in front of a reasonable representation of most the country. The only real lacking part being the Westerlands and the Reach.

It's kinda funny though how Meera was questioning her even having a claim to the throne when all had to do is think back to what created that throne. Before the Targaryen's arrived and conquered Westeros it was separate kingdoms. Even then they couldn't conquer everyone like that. There's also those that kneeled to avoid having to face against the dragons. In this case Meera is the one basically "conquering" with the only ones around with a potential claim to the throne in support of her.

Varys favoring her claiming the Throne is rather easy to figure. His main loyalty is to the Realm itself. He will do whatever it takes to ensure it's prosperity even work behind the rulers back. In Meera he sees someone who would suit that need of providing for the realm as a whole. The fact she doesn't want it but will still take it if needed just adds to her favor.

As for that matter of the last time there was a "potential" queen. Well the stakes are a bit different here. Unlike then there's not really anyone with a viable claim to the throne on hand that wants it. None of those with a claim want the throne and ones that do have a claim are in support of her. Without someone having a legitimate claim that would take the throne it becomes more of an up in the air challenge. Lord's would fight each other to stake their own claim. However Meera basically cuts most that off . She has the backing of The Vale, The North, The Riverlands, Dorne, and what would be the ruler of The Stormlands. All that's missing is The Westerlands, The Reach, and The Crownlands.
9/26 c33 3Spidey-phd
Interesting chapter.

I was surprised to see Meera crowned so quickly and by unanimous consent. I expected more politicking (at least off screen). Official terms of alliance need to be determined as well as Meera's future husband.

Meera's future husband is VERY important. Their children will be the future rulers of Westeros and will like be favorable to their father's family and home. Meera will obviously not be a mere trophy wife nor a brood mare but her husband will obviously become one of the most important people in the world. She needs a partner and not a rival.

I was shocked when the Martells didn't insist that she marry one of their princes.

Aside from the Martel princes, I am actually stumped as to a suitable husband for Meera. Loras is one of the only unmarried men from a suitably powerful family but, aside from the other issues, Dorne just took Highgarden.

She has a firm hold on the North, the Riverlands, and the Vale. Robb and Sansa both married into the North. Rickon is marrying into the Riverlands.

Robin Arryn is... yuck. Harrold Hardyng looks the part and has a good enough bloodline but is a creep.

If Shireen was male then she would be ideal. Sex change potion for Meera? (j/k)

If the Lannister's are gone then Meera needs someone new to be in charge in the Westerlands. She needs a claim on the riches and loyalty of the Westerlands. Maybe an OC from House Marbrand?

Edric "Ned" Dayne is only 13. The heir to House Velaryon is 6.

Honestly, I am kind of stumped. I can't think of any single men around Meera's age which have impressed me and would be good husband material.
9/26 c33 Joe02
Was just reading the last chapter again, as I read it the first time while getting ready to go to sleep, but realized the war is over. Tyrion is the only one left in charge of Kings Landing, and he is compassionate enough that he isn't going to sacrifice the lives of the small folk for a lost cause, and will most likely have the gate open in surrender once they arrive. He is going to use it to secure safe passage for Marcella and Tommen to Essos with the fortune he has amassed to give them a good living in the new lands, and probably seek favor with Dany in her developing empire. I look forward to seeing how Dany's imperial plans are progressing now that the Warlocks are gone, and see if her great aunt will join her on her journey. I'm sure she misses being around family, and Dany could use her help and knowledge. This is where I think Tyrion will also benefit with his intelligence, but could probably just as easily set up another theater in Bravvos as well and forget the power plays, and secure a peaceful future for Marcella and Tommen. He could also suggest to Meera about placing his half-sister and her husband in charge of the Westerlands to help secure the peace in that area, as he has already laid down the foundations for economic recovery in that area by purchasing the farms and placing them in her control. This will only help Meera secure the peace in Westeros after the last couple of wars. Westeros needs the peace to recover. It also gives Meera time to recruit and train a centralized army based off the Northern Rangers to help secure that peace. It would be a paid voluntary force made up of men and women from around the kingdom. They could work out of newly designed forts located at key locations across the land, and would protect the kingdom's roads and small communities that didn't have a force to protect themselves. Think of them like State Police in modern times sworn to the Queen. Each kingdom would still have their own armies under the rule of their lord, but the Queen's Rangers could go where needed no matter where the problem was occurring to help secure the peace. She could disband the Gold Cloaks and place them under the new Rangers. This will probably help the small folk as well, as the Gold Cloaks have a poor reputation with the common people for corruption and abuse of power, and they wouldn't see them in a different light no matter who was ruling.

Of course they will need Meera's big brain to dig the kingdom out of the hole with Bravvos, but again her family could handle that easily with the goal of a peaceful Westeros benefitting all. With the debt wiped-out, she could start planning for a new Kings Landing, as she and Arya weren't very impressed the last time they were there. She will also need to start building some industries to bring a new prosperity to the area. Granted remodeling Kings Landing will bring a number of jobs in of itself, not to mention a new fleet to trade and defend their shores with. She has her work cut out for her, plus helping her family in the North, as she isn't the type to just forget their progress as well. She will probably keep up correspondence with the Magester's, Sam, and Gilly back home to develop new ideas along the way. I see her starting to take her own advice and be the Queen, but not forget to do things that make her happy as well, which includes finding personal happiness, and I still hope it is with Rhae.

Meanwhile I'm sure Sutar is trying to come into this world in human form and will be using the Queen Bitch Cersei for this ritual that had saw the collapse of Vaiyra in the past. It will take time for him to rise as he will probably be born as a child of Cersei, but rise he shall, and considering what the people of Vaiyra had to do to stop him the last time in the story, it will probably take the combine forces of Westeros and Essos to fight him in the future. But I'm sure that is far in future of the story, but look forward to see how you get there. I'm just guessing from some parts of story and your responses to other readers. Also from your response to another reader I see something happening to Catelyn and Minisa ends up in Meera's care. As I said before I like the union of Rhae and Meera as they would build on each other and has been hinted in this chapter and before, but you had said that Meera would end up with a family of her own as well, which leads me to believe Minisa ends up in her care in the end. During this chapter it seems Catelyn has had some fears for the immediate future, as if she isn't going to live to see the end of this war, and wants to ensure Minisa will be taken care of afterwards by building a relationship with her brothers and sisters even though her own relationship with them won't probably be repairable. I can see where that fear comes from with the death of Ned, Edmure, her own father, and probably Bryden before it is over with. It will probably come from sacrificing herself in some way to safeguard Meera, because of the danger she is in and the guilt she feels most towards Meera. Of all the children, she has wronged her the most, and feels the most guilty about. The rest of the speculation I will keep to myself, but it's an awesome story Sage, and I look forward to reading each new chapter you post for both this one and the Star Wars story. Thank you and I really appreciate your work.
9/23 c33 ironspike68
Wow! Talk about some well earned revenge! Fantastic how you’ve got this playing out. Going to be interesting to see how Tyrion makes out.

Looking forward to the next chapter
9/23 c33 ytrf
I think Meera shouldn't have let Loki know she can see through his illusions
9/22 c16 7ianramos22
This chapter made me cry. So many times Lord Stark has fallen. At least you gave hime a good death thank you for that.
9/22 c33 chibichibi98
Love the chapter and that Meera has agreed to take the throne. Hopefully she won’t let the Martells get away with so much. The fact Arianne said the Dornish had taken care of the Reach “for you” towards Meera was arrogant. After all besides weak leadership it was Stannis, Tywin and Meera who weakened the Reach leaving them vulnerable to an easy takeover. Hoping for some grovelling or something from House Martell at some point. But I’m petty :P
9/22 c8 5freedomringer
Gonna be real with ya family, I thought for a second when you started describing his clothes that Voldemort was about to make an appearance but that was fleeting when I realized it was Loki
9/21 c33 Heero05
Epic. Can’t wait for more!
9/21 c33 LiveFreeDieWell
Why not have Rickon take the Tully name as condition of Lordship? It's common. Men even take their wife's name if she is the last and has lordship, so her family name won't die out. A 3rd son giving up his name for his mother's to gain such a title would surprise no one. Names are power, letting the Tully name die off when the Stark name is so strong in numbers wouldn't make since. It would be like if Meera took the throne, she wouldn't take her husbands name, he would take her's in honor of being her consort and the power that would come.

Side note, I really want Sansa to be the one to stick it to her mother about bastards. How Sansa was raised by her mother to think of Jon a sin and a threat to the "true" family. I'm not saying she needs to actually believe it and treat Minisa badly (although it would be nice to see some emotional variation in treatment of her besides acceptance because we all are just humans), but maybe say cruel things to her about Minisa to see how hypocritical her mother is. Her father "cheated" after only being together for what? A week before leaving for war? Her mother "cheated" after yeeeears of devotion.
9/21 c33 11chm01
man Meera is dense, what does Rhaenys need to do? parade naked in front of her with a sign that says I want to have sex with you?
9/21 c33 aesir21
I am surprised that they have coronated Meera now va after taking kings landing. I hope Catelyn will speak to Meera about red wisps while she can.
9/21 c32 meeeeeeeeeeep
what a great chapter!
9/21 c33 10BookishTen8
Nice chapter but I'm not liking the Dornish at the moment. They seem to be getting away with a lot.
9/21 c3 Guest
That so called god in catelyn's dream was likely rhollor the red god of melisandre
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