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7/7 c16 ironspike68
Damn! I knew it was bound to happen, but at least it was a better death for them. Pearl’s identity is one I started to suspect, but wasn’t sure. This will certainly make things interesting!

I wonder if Arya was able to take her teacher with her? Would seem like a good idea and The Stark could afford the expense as well as the crown.

Fantastic action scenes, btw.
7/7 c15 ironspike68
Since I’m getting close to caught up I wanted to jump in and say how much I’m enjoying the story so far. I wasn’t sure how this would go, but I can totally see the plausibility of the scenario. Meera using her knowledge to improve life in the North, as well as all Westeros, is a logical progression.

I even like Loki being in the mix and plays his Agent of Chaos roll well. It’ll be interesting to see how this continues to develop.

Hoping the story maintains a good update schedule as I’ll be caught up shortly.

7/5 c6 Rustyhava
I really enjoy your work. Reading for the second time. You are very talented
6/27 c1 MattKennedy
Interesting start, but the idea of a 3/4 year old learning archery is a complete joke. It is literally completely impossible. Doesn't matter if the kid is super smart or coordinated for their age, it is simply not physically possible at that age of biological development. Also, no way could a 3/4 year old sew their own clothes...
6/25 c19 47Padfootette
Great chapter
6/25 c19 7MoonlightMiracle.SakurianaHime
Please update soon!
6/24 c19 2crimson hearts
hoping to read more soon. thank you
6/23 c17 succubus.incubus
one of the other thing about the bronze bull (or rather bronzed lion) was that in ancient Greece sometimes especially under the creuler emperor's like Caligula and nero they would have an amount of sugar placed inside with the prisoner so that as it cooked them the sweat the vaporized combined with the sugar that would carmelize and cling to the bones. after which the bones would be retrieved and made into jewelry to be sold
6/23 c16 succubus.incubus
how in the hell did he get the fire that hot the melting point of gold is just a scant few degrees short of 2000f any soup that were being cooked would be ash or vapor instantly
6/23 c1 iamjmph01
Hi! So I either just found this, or don't remember reading it.
While it does have some problems, at least this first chapter, I want to say thank you. For writing and for sharing. I'm disabled and not able to do much. Having things to read is a life saver.
I read the other reviews, so I will start by saying... I don't know when put girl!Harry in your summary, but anyone complaining about it after that point should just be ignored. You gave "fair warning". I usually like a genderbend story, although for something like ASoIaF/GoT it's kind of iffy to have a female MC. They just face such a massive disadvantage from the start it makes it hard to read.
Anyways, you may have already corrected some of these but:
1. It's Luwin not Ludwin
2. I'm not sure about the books, but nothing shown about GoT Cat shows she would ever condone HER child being struck.
3. You say she wont remember Hogwarts until 11, but she knows she has magic and potion recipes at age 4. Not sure how that matches up.
4. Finally, at the end did you mean discuss rather than discover in the line "Actually Maester Ludwin I want to discover a few ideas I had." or more like "discover if a few ideas I had work"

Thank You again for writing, and don't let the vile reviewers get you down too much.
6/21 c19 Estelle Uzumaki
I loved this chapter and can't wait to read the next one.
6/21 c1 3AspiringAuthor236
Goddamn i wanted to see some stark harry not stark harriet. Was so excited too. Hadrian Lannister was so good.
6/20 c19 Hadrian.Caeser
6/19 c19 12Andromedanaea
Overall I am enjoying this story.
But I don't think adding Loki to the mix is a good choice, especially alone, without Thor and the other Norse gods.
This chapter includes multiple instances of people knowing things before word should have gotten to them. Keep in mind that people don't have radios and raven messages need an infrastructure of Maestors in stationary locations. Balon should not have known about Yara's failure until she returned.
6/19 c4 Nad19
oh for the love of God, Ned! Cat has been going behind your back a couple times already! Be firm with her, for God's sake! Don't be a pushover! do you have any prestige of being a man and a lord left? *for the note, i am a girl. i am not saying this to discriminate
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