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9/10 c6 pltrgst
ain't cat too unreasonable..?
9/6 c21 17PhaedraZev
Wait... are you saying Jon has the bifrost sword?
9/1 c10 Beer is food
I'm not really much into ASoIaF / GoT lore, but isn't what the Martells / Sands did basically a big breach of guest rights?
From what i remember that's a big deal and so should be handled as such.

Especially if you take into account the lethal poisoning of Theon, who while a hostage, is also the heir (technically at least i think?) of the Ironborn isles and also under the protection of the Starks.
Would have at least seen him gelded for that.
I hope there are going to be appropriate repercussions for Dorne and especially Oberyn in the following chapters.
9/1 c20 Guest
Meera's not like Sansa, you fool.
8/31 c8 Beer is food
what Loki is that?
Comics-Marvel Loki (Earth-xxxxx?)
MCU Loki?

or the Loki from actual Norse Mythology? And even then there are many differences of Norse Myth in different european countries.
but he wouldn't be that Evil then i guess
8/31 c7 Beer is food
"To that end and in recognition of their loyal service, myself and Lord Reed have decided to join our houses. When you both come of age Lady Meera Reed and yourself will be wed." Ned explained.
Then Ned explained further: "And for you to be able to rule Moat Cailin proper, we are going on a 10 year training trip!" The nothern Lord then promptly donned a Panda Bear costume for some reason, slung little Bran over his shoulder and jumped out of the feasting Hall... after stealing all the food
8/31 c21 Jo.Cr.Uzu
Don’t kill Drogo pls.
Looking forward to next update. Thanks author
8/28 c10 Stormzy
Liking the work so far but to be honest you let the Dornish off way too lightly
8/28 c4 Stormzy
Hate the gender swap stories to be honest. I see it as if you want a female character then use a female character, I don't see the point in "swapping genders." However upon reading this I liked the writing and plot. However I'll say now I'm abandoning this work the minute "Meera" starts simping around and doesn't stay strong and independent.
8/26 c21 OyaLightning
Yay Jon has a magic sword now!
8/26 c20 OyaLightning
Loki is such an arse! Meera was going to fight the zombies regardless, he didn't need to curse anyone for motivation! Ahhhhhhh!
Daenerys dragons aren't big enough to help yet. Can they stop the Night King before he gets too powerful?!
*spams next chapter*
8/25 c19 OyaLightning
Lorra! I did not see that coming! This can help get the Free Folk away from the White Walkers so they don't join the herd of zombies. Of course letting them south of the wall is not going to be popular, with the publicity the cannibals have given the wildlings.
Loki could have just asked Meera for help getting home, she would've helped I know it!
8/25 c18 OyaLightning
Poor Jon, the truth is hard but hey he has a big sister in Dorne now! That should be interesting
8/24 c16 OyaLightning
There is an injustice to Meera becoming an orphan when Harry was one. It hits me right in the heart.
But it is crucial to the plot.
Well let chaos commence, let there be war!
I wonder what losing control of your magic looks like in this verse?
8/24 c15 OyaLightning
Viserys needs to die soon.

Yay for Dany showing women they can fight too!
Throne needs to wake up to the truth of his culture, hopefully he makes the right call before it's too late.

My favorite line was "Arya I need you to misbehave" I cackled!
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