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4h c13 shedges19
is harry going to find out about the chips in the clones
13h c22 1Starpottergeek
Once again a good chapter for this amazing story. im glad to see Darth Marr and Satele granddaughtery favorite force users in star wars, adding in odessen was also a good way to introduce them. i cant wait to see how Aayla takes in the new lessons and see what happens next. also i think a good way to introduce HK-47 if you do add him is to have him ether being rebuilt by Trace and Rafa and he gets activated ether when Ashoka meets them or if Haron meets them. alsowith tales of the jedi coming out we will get to see ahsokas family from beofre she became a jedi so maybe you could have it in a future chapter where Ahsoka goes to Shili and meets her parents and maybe even a brother or sister, we already know the name of her mom which is Pav-Ti. also it was revealed that Rey is the granddaugther of Obi-Wan's Brother on her moms side so maybe you could have them appear sometime. also maybe you could have it be so jango fetts sister Arla Fett or maybe have a side story where she meets Boba and she finds out that she is his aunt. also for a story idea if you end up making another Battlestar galactica story i would recommend a story where the main character is given command or the Daidolos mobile shipyards form battlestar galactica deadlock. keep up the good work and i cant wait for the next chapter
13h c22 2mwinter1
Awaiting more
14h c22 Guest
9/28 c22 Guest
9/28 c22 MalSer
Fantastic update, as always. Thanks!
9/28 c22 A Guest
thank you for the new chapter.

Yeah Harry feeling like McGonnagal would be an understatement.
9/28 c22 Edge Wayfinder
I know this is wishful thinking but part of me would want to see the interaction between Haron Ordo and Jaro Tapal. The way he is portrayed in Jedi Fallen Order makes it seem like they would get along in the sense that he has humility and acceptance that he is not infallible, but at the same time would fight Haron because he might be able to sense that Haron is hiding his force powers.
9/28 c22 7raw666
Does Kal know about the Mandalorian fleet and army? He may as a Count, and if he does, he may have done more damage than anything he could have done in the future.
9/28 c22 5mad thought
Good chapter. BTW thanks for responding to my review in the last chapter, that was really cool of you. I do recommend watching some videos about 40k lore, there are lots of ridiculous things that go on in that universe that would be awesome to see here. Also maybe something like the viking from starcraft 2, it's two forms of a anti-fighter ship and a ground walker with chain guns would match the versatility aspect of Mandalorians. Looking forward to more.
9/28 c22 DeathCrawler
great chapter look forward the next one's
9/28 c22 Lawbringer
Absolutely loving the story and I can't wait to see more!
9/28 c22 1Halo-Guy Fan
Great to read a new chapter. I'm excited to see Kal Skirata added to the story. But, I have mixed feelings about including him as Haron's opponent for leader. As far as I know Skirata was never interested in leading the Mandalorians. He was also nobody's pawn.

It would be so much more advantageous for Haron to recruit Kal Skirata to his side. Skirata has a lot of highly trained Clone Commandoes that are loyal to him along with his own clan and resources; all of which would prove a series boon to Mandalore. Maybe Haron could make Kal a General and have him train up conscripts and new cadets in exchange for pledging his support to helping stop the clone accelerated aging.
9/27 c22 Morkail
Great chapter thanks for the chapter. Nice using the good bits from the mmo.
9/27 c22 haubs66
Sage, another master stroke as always. Highly enjoyable and keeps me on the edge of my seat. Looking forward to the next chapter.
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