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4h c38 4Antex-The Legendary Zoroark
Aw yeah! Excellent work! Enjoyed the trial of atonement that Sabine had to go through and I’m glad that she’s become stronger and a lot wiser after the close calling death experience to redeem her and her clan’s honor. Although it seems there’s not somewhat of a wedge for the time being with Haron and Ara. I can only hope that after some time and space, they’ll make up, before anything MAJORLY bad happens. Knowing the Potter luck though and the Force being fickle though, such a possibility may not be too high. Hope for the best but prepare for the worst eh?

In any case, I’m also quite glad to have seen some more budding romance! In particular, Galen marrying Juno which I’d love to see more of the two in the future, along with that adorable moment where Shin gave Luke a quick kiss on the cheek causing a small blush (and Padmé planning to prevent any possible ladies-man philandering lessons for him in the future)! Lol.

As for the trials the other Skywalker apprentices/children went through, that was most excellent! Was that Mace Windu testing them per chance? If so, nice touch. I also approved how well Baylan and Anakin got along with each other. They do have some similar ideals and are of like minds in some regards.

And oof. I can tell writing Thrawn was a bit of a challenge. He seemed…not all there if you get my meaning. I hope you continue to do your best and reach a threshold that satisfies you and us readers.

Until next chapter! Looking forward to seeing Boba Fett! Wonder if Omega will make an appearance soon?
4h c38 megacarroll
This was a good chapter I'm looking forward to haron vs thrawn.

I like the meeting between Anakin and Balen and how they had a healthy respect I found the kiss between Shin and Luke humerus are you shipping them

And we finally know what Sabine did and I like how you had her acknowledge that her greatest mistake was running away rather then returning after her failed mission got several of her friends killed though I am a bit surprised that Din was chosen to be her judge.

Finally I was thrilled when Mace appeared to help guide his namesake and offer words of wisdom.
10h c38 Blaze1992
. . . Phew Sabine didn't get killed.
10h c38 Dragon master 124
I personally wonder if Thrawn admires and respects Haron for his skills and leadership shown in the clone wars. He probably sees him as more competent than the majority of the higher ups in the imperial military, especially when comparing him to Tarkin.

It would be interesting to see a meeting between the two, or see Admiral Palleon reunite with Anakin on the battlefield.

Honestly, I always saw Ezra as an idiot in rebels, not only because he decided to trust Maul, but because of the fact he kept getting too close to the dark side without proper training or text. This shows when he thinks it’s a good idea to try and sneak into Mandalorian space, when we all know if they wanted to, the mandalorian’s would have instantly destroyed them.
11h c38 Callum Runchman
Wow love seeing someone who cam counter thrawn of all people blow for blow. He was always far too good for the normal rebels to combat and let's face it only ezra's completely mad, unprecedented and unpredictable, 1 in a million scheme, caught thrawn off guard amd defeated him.
Can't wait for haron and thrawn to meet as they are so perfectly balanced when it comes to strategic thinking and planning.
Wonder who will rise up against the empire this time as it would take an extremely influential world to convince mon mothma to act rather that sit and observe.
Sabine's crimes and redemption were good to see and hopefully will lead to the ghost cree becoming more involved in mandalorian and greater galactic affairs.
Could the rakatan terraforming machine help heal ilum quicker or is it going to simply be a scared world that requires time to heal from the empires ravages.
Now we're getting into rouge one timeline territory I assume the death star will begin making its presence known to begin demoralising much of the rebellion and rift alliance as a whole. It will be interesting to see what the other rift members say when they learn of the imperial super weapon, and what they might try to build to counter such a threat.
Keep up the great work
15h c38 Ep
16h c38 frankieu
nice chapter thx for writing it
fun seeing the blue general taste defeat and giving a hint on how to beat it
time to install an rng generator to spit out the strat of the day
18h c38 5mad thought
It's all building up to some slug matches that I can't wait for. Some cute and fun interactions for great development. Good to see Markus stepping out from his father's shadow.

Thank you for acknowledging my suggestion and for looking into it. I love your work and didn't suggest it as a be all, but more of giving you inspirational plot hooks or starting points. Also since the last chapter there has recently been Helldivers 2 and I have been looking into the DnD setting of Dark Sun. And Grim Dark(Half Off) recently gave some grim dark theory crafting for the Star Wars setting if you're interested.

Here are some links for the Badab War, Dark Sun, and the theory crafting:

I know you have your own method and writing style that I love, I just want to support or contribute to your excellent content.
23h c38 1TYPE-RWBYFanatic64
You’re involving the Hapes Consortium….
This could go so well or so horribly.
Despite its vaunted status, Hapan Battle Dragons can’t typically stand up to your average Imperial-class Star Destroyer in my (granted limited) experience.
So how are you going to make up for their shortcomings?
2/24 c38 M1stymix
hmmm I think Republic didn't really stagnated but they system itself wasn't designed for it as there was just to many joining them to quickly and once it was noticed there was nothing they could've done. I like the last part how it was luck that halted Thrawn's campaign and gave Harry insight on Thrawn and his weakness and not usual boring mc who knows the weakness of the enemy cause he is so smart
2/24 c38 2J.E.P 1996
Good chapter! I'm really glad to see Ossus again, I know they are a side story to the Main story. But I wish we got more POVs of Ossus and the Jedi there becoming more like the ancient Jedi again.
2/24 c38 6bored peasant
All the death and damage could be avoided if only Thrawn was a talking type of person and was able to convince Haron of the trouble that the far outsiders (Vong) would bring to the galaxy...
2/24 c38 Brandon61D
I can't find any information about the Mandalore axe.
2/24 c38 red demon161
I'm glad the thing with Sabine was resolved. Maybe now Haron and Ara can move forward. The battles were great and I liked Team Gundark.
2/24 c27 iFarted1768
I loved this chapter! When tarkin said "it's a trap" I couldn't stop laughing...AND the fact that he was fighting ackbar(space battle)... Genius
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