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4/13 c17 J02
Read all the one-shots and they're all pretty great. Glad you made story 8 a full story and looking forward to it! Kinda got offended that you called Christianity (and organized religions in general) bullshit but then I remembered everyone has their own opinion so *shrugs*. Keep up the great work.
4/9 c12 1Teen Shallot
It's hard to understand what you're going for here
3/29 c14 OvpScarf
Wow imo chapter 14 was rly interesting. One of the better concepts in this series (not that any are bad, theyre all amazing)
3/29 c4 OvPScarf
Im reading chapter 4 rn and personally i think eren would probs dissapear off the face of the earth if this happened, hed be too guilt ridden to come back.
3/30 c1 brooklynnbienaime
What if Porco survived getting eaten by Falco
3/19 c16 17TheNoekk
What if Eren killed the Colossal titan after it destroyed the gate to Trost.
3/19 c10 Mafil Luckhearth
What if erwin found SCP-963?
3/12 c17 TheNoekk
How about a What If Rod Reiss crawled towards the outside world instead of wall Sina.
3/11 c14 1Dragonwolf123
This was one of my favourite chapters of the what if story. I would love if you could write more on it.
3/9 c10 sugoijack9
I would love a continuation on this chapter.
Think the adventure that Eren and his friends venturing over this vast world!
3/9 c9 sugoijack9
This is probably the best chapter I've ever read.
Beside I don't really like Armin.
He says crap here while in canon he disregard about Eren's feelings.
If there's any consideration, this guy have high-esteemed issue.
2/24 c17 75X59
I'm really loving these scenarios, the twists and turns they make, and the curiosity of what doors would open up next from it.
2/14 c17 Sentient Mop
Hot damn
2/14 c15 Sentient Mop
Aggg stop teasing us with amazing prompts
2/3 c7 Username6166
I love the Ymir centered stories, she's my favourite character and it's sad to see her be tossed away like a forethought like in canon.
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