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3/5 c6 140AkumaKami64
So...I just saw Chapter 138. And I have no idea why I'm smiling so much, but I find this this very interesting with that final panel of Ymir.

Don't know if I'll like the ending, but I'm liking how we're getting there this month.
3/5 c7 94Miqila
The one thing that comes to mind with "What if Ymir had sided with the scouts" is "what indeed." I mean, the story would surely play out very differently since there's so much she could've taught them.
3/5 c7 1The Dark 1ne
You know you should make this chapter into an actual fanfiction it is a good idea
3/5 c7 140AkumaKami64
What if Liberio was fully planned instead of Eren just telling them he'd do it with or without them?

Since a lot of your What If's are abusing PATHs and memories:

A. Erwin gets a vision when he shakes Eren's hand after the trial?

B. Original Ymir takes over/overwrites/fuses with Historia when Historia touches Eren's back

C. Literally anyone else also sees the visions Eren saw and thus he's not the only one taking this burden.
3/5 c7 VLPURN
Here are my suggetions.
1 What if Dina eats Berthold
2 What if Frieda beat Grisha
3 What if the survivor corps capture Reiner instead of Berthlod
3/5 c7 sasukesdoom
to be honest, there was something about this arc that always rubbed me wrong - why would reiner and berthold trust ymir to the extent that they did? yes i can understand that they might have felt they had her completely figured out but at the same time, she's a freaking wildcard that can (and did) ruin their escape through her titan powers alone. i feel like they should have at least injured her a little at least to make sure she can't tranform and ultimately jepordize their escape. perhaps you can argue sentimentality but at the same time, they're the warriors who were willing to kill numerous indviduals (including marco) so that can't be completely explain it...

welp, that's my rant for today lmao. thanks for sharing your ideas, they've been neat AUs so far!
3/5 c7 bootlegwat
Thanks for the new chapter! also I'm not sure if you will do it but for April Fool can you do a story where the Santa restorationist titan chewed Eren and then gain the Attack titan?
3/4 c7 284Traitor of All Traitors
Dude, you gotta expand on this scenario, too.
3/4 c7 iamjustanoobyguy
3/4 c7 25Order of Alignment
Oof. Reiner is fuckin dead of he gets back to Marley. At least in canon he brought the Jaw home, but assuming the BoShiganshina runs its course...
3/4 c5 ymirfritz9
I thought this was definitely an accurate idea of how things might of turned out if Eren agreed to Zeke's plan. I think there was a small possibility Eren would've gone along with Zeke's plan, but I don't think it would of been very easy to get him to do so. Eren has always fought for freedom and I think if he were to take away Eldian's ability to have children, it would go against everything he believed in. That said, he could've decided he'd rather take away someones freedom then kill them, but I guess we will never know. I loved the story and think it really provided some good points and what-ifs.
3/4 c7 6vangian13
Its fun to see a what if I suggested get written. Plus the way you write the characters to be as close as canonically possible is a huge bonus.

If you're interested in more what ifs, what do you think would have happened if Ymir ate Reiner instead of Marcel? Would they have canceled the mission or gone ahead? We dont really get a good look at Marcel's character, but considering Reiner tried to emulate him, I think its safe to say the two are alike as we perceive them.

I'll do my best to make the suggestions I provide seem as plausible as possible.
3/4 c6 2KingCannibal
Interesting what if. Can I make a request? You don’t have to follow through on this it’s just an idea, but what about a what if of historia going ti marlay and signing a peace treaty with the rest of the world.
3/4 c2 Just a reader
That was brutal
3/2 c5 Guest
Here's my suggested What-ifs...

What if Marcel lived?
What if Ymir ate Reiner/Bertholdt/Annie instead of Marcel?
What if Ymir stayed with Historia instead of leaving with Reiner and Bertholdt?
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