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2/10 c2 6Scattershot98
jesus that was a dark chapter. wonderful concept, can't wait to see what else you can cook up in the future. all kinds of possibilities here!
2/10 c1 3Madman479R
Could another one be if Grisha was there during Reiner and Bertholdt's first attack?
2/7 c1 Guest
If they're oneshots, do you think you can make one where Armin takes the Beast Titan instead of the Colossal Titan, which Erwin can take if he survives? I've been curious about that twist, especially about Armin as the Beast Titan.
2/9 c1 94Miqila
Oo, is this what you meant by doing something that you haven't done before? A series of one shots?

Hm, I like this one well enough, but it didn't have much of a wow effect on me. I agree with you that this really could have happened, though. Looking forward to your other ideas.
2/7 c1 Guest
...I like this!
2/7 c1 Guest
I’m so glad that you’re back to writing and let me tell you I actually had chills while reading this and I really want to see how it end
2/6 c1 Guest
Can you make a chapter where Armin beats the Beast Titan instead of the Colossal Titan, and Erwin is alive at the same time? I've always wanted to see one like this.
2/7 c1 6vangian13
Here's a one shot idea you could try: in the Attack in titan spinoff, Before the fall, there's a cult that worships titans as gods. What if they were still around in the current timeline. What would they think of Eren? Would they see him as their supreme god or the devil who kills their objects of faith?
2/7 c1 4Rowboat Girlyman 1
Good stuff as always. And while this may not have been intended to be amusing I did smile thinking about what the scouts would say when they return to Rose after visiting the basement.
"We have good news and bad news. Good news is that we reached Shiganshina and discovered the truth. Bad news is that there is no longer a Wall Maria."
But on a more serious note, I reckon the only thing Marley could really do is gather all their shifters in one place and try and carve a hole through the Colossals to make corridors of safety. Tech wise they are already behind the rest of the world so they wont have much anti-titan weaponry. Either way as Magath said, they're through as a superpower
2/6 c1 1Mustafao0
Do you have any plans for a Team fortress 2 x Attack on titan story?
2/6 c1 durrendurrendol1993
I always found it interesting what would have happened if Annie escaped from Stohed
2/6 c1 Jenzleyva06
This is a really cool idea! Poor Eren though, since he didn’t intentionally want to destroy Marley, he’s going to be hurt over the deaths of children and all who weren’t brainwashed. Can’t wait for more!
2/6 c1 I-Nex-I
Ahh, a manga spoilers fic, my favorite. I thought this was a great “what if” scenario, and is honestly pretty plausible given Eren’s rather open ended desires. I really love this idea, and that serumbowl fic has me interested. Also agreed on 137, it’s really disappointing, but I still have faith in Yams. Looking forward to your next chapters!
2/6 c1 140AkumaKami64
...Okay, first question, re these oneshots up for grabs for anyone else wanting to turn them into stories?

Second, I rather like this idea. I can actually see th rest of the coutnries shipping off their Eldians to Paradis. Its said they're treated worse everywhere else in the world, but I think Marley is the only one turning thme into Titans. So, the other coutnries send their Eldians to make sure they don't risk Paradis's fury.

Lastly, about the leaks. Don't...get too worried yet. I've seen some of the panels, but I think I know what's happening. If...my theory and another theory are right, the Alliance is just going to taste victory for a moment, long enough for it to turn Bittersweet, before the final trump card is played on them. If just my theory is correct, it'll still turn out bittersweet.

Can't wait to see more of these!
2/6 c1 19redlox2
Well i really like this one-shot! It’s pretty neat! It’s outdo be interesting if this continued but you did put the AN where you think it would end so it cool.
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