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6/27 c1 Guest
I saw a comment on reddit and wondered what if Historia ate Zeke?
5/29 c15 Guest
How about you write a one shot (or story, whatever) where the Attack Titan’s power isn’t in the story and Grisha simply killed the family on his own without Eren’s influence? And you make Eren continue to be with his friends and compromise and get rid of the Titan powers a different way. That is the point in the story that I DESPISE and makes me think, “Isayama, what was the point? What was the F*cking point of the f*cking story then?! Nothing changed, and the resolution involving Eren, Mikasa, and YMIR was not only confusing, but also just plain stupid and unsatisfying. Time traveling did not belong in the story, and Ymir’s actions make her unreadable in the story.”

I’m sorry, it’s just that, Attack on Titan used to hype me up when the Titan fights were much more one sided like The Scouts and Eren vs the Warriors. But now tho, I guess Eren’s change in character just hit me hardest and it’s what ruined the story for me. Also it may not be a golden rule but, what happened to Eren at the end, should never happen to the protagonist. That’s why I DON’T like the final two arcs. So yeah.
5/29 c12 123456789
You barely changed anything, yet you say 139 was trash? You left out a few words here and there and added words in other places. So Isayama's phrasing is your real problem? Jesus fucking christ.
5/25 c9 septim189
zeke is best big brother.
also f**k armong
5/25 c8 septim189
interesting, you should continue this one
5/25 c5 septim189
finally happy ending for zeke
5/25 c4 septim189
unwinnable battle

i wish this story was canon.
Thanks again 10/10
5/25 c2 septim189
The final solution

great idea and even greater execution.

5/24 c15 1starscreamer11
Happy ending for everyone except Reiner lmao
5/21 c1 Guest
Update soon. On this and ASC. Please!
5/14 c15 2Weirpellet
Attack on Titan, but it's Ymir Fritz speedrunning episode 1.
5/13 c6 Weirpellet
That Ludwig guy was a real Bruh moment. This is like seeing Stan Lee in the mcu but it's a German scientist. Favorited.
5/2 c15 Guest
Not your best work; I would like to see a battle of shiganshina where ANYONE cuts Reiner out of his Titan AFTER hitting him with the Thunder Soears and BEFORE he yells to signal for Bertoldt. So Hange sends Eren out the walls and circle around to defeat the Beast Titan. When Eren touches Zeke, he activates the power and controls the Titans to capture Zeke, Pieck, and Bertoldt thus CAPTURING them all and Eren realizing the loophole and using ZEKE to stop all the Titans. As well as negotiate with Marley and get RID of the powers with Ymir’s help.
5/3 c15 MDM11
Could you do a What If Ilse and the Talking Titan were found by Hange and Levi before it killed her and Want If Furlan and Isabel never died
5/3 c15 5Perfectcell69
Carla: Dear, don't tell me you are expecting me to share with another wife?

Grisha: I am dying soon so it doesn't matter. In fact I encourage you two to have a cat-fight. It will give me some entertainment before death.
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