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5/3 c15 3Infinite the Celestian
What if Eren knew from the beginning he could turn into a Titan? Or discovered the Attack Titan's Future Memory Inheritance ability earlier?
5/2 c15 3RiflemanOfRBLX
"consisted of Ymir explaining to Carla, Eren, and Mikasa what was going on, and I realized it was boring as shit"

No its not, seeing the reactions and faces of the Yeager Family and Mikasa isnt boring. Also, you could add scenes where Ymir shows the 'bad ending' and the important events like Eren activating the Rumbling, Carla getting eaten by Dina, Eren being the successor of the Attack Titan, raid on Liberio, etc to the Yeager Family and see how they react.

And also dont forget add parts where they return from the Paths, and all of them talk to discuss what to change and what not to.

Aside from these, this chapter could be a very good and very interesting story if you convert it from a one-shot to a fanfic
5/2 c15 25Order of Alignment
On the bright side, Reiner, you're wish to die will be fulfilled very, very soon. the top-brass is gonna be pissed at you.
5/2 c15 284Traitor of All Traitors
This chapter has potential for a better future. Shiganshina District can be reclaimed, Reiner and Annie might be dealt with faster, Ymir (Jaw Titan) could obtain a better life, etc.
5/2 c15 3Tertius711
Yes! I’ve been waiting for this idea! Happy ending! But Grisha has marital issues ahead though XD.

I’m wondering how they’re gonna resolve the issues with the rest of the world. Rumbling? Or perhaps losing the Colossal and Female trashes Marley’s contidence
5/2 c15 6vangian13
Its cool to see this perspective. The bit with Ymir seems like an op move, but otherwise its cool. As for the faith thing, I'd imagine Grisha won't survive long enough to remain faithful to either wife.
Heres a short story I think qould be fun: what if Armin saw Eren's attack titan emerge from the bearded titan during the trost arc? I'd imagine he tries to use this titan the same way he used the titan in canon.
4/30 c14 nebenwelt1949
Incredible how such a little change can alter the entire course of history.

I think your story is quite believable and it also fits Annie‘s character. After all she was described by Isayama as a “normal” girl and I would like to think that normal girls yearn for a healthy and warm environment.

That cesspool of Marley offers neither, so she would definitely take her chances at Paradis Island.
4/28 c12 Guest
Just as garbage as the original, the fuck you mean better? You literally changed nothing important. The eldians died but that was gonna happen anyway.
4/28 c4 Guest
Much better ending.
4/28 c14 Guest
I really wish you can go and continue the chapter 13 of your story of Eren fussing into his titan body it's really an interesting idea I believe. as you said another story with the same idea is out there (Compelety rough) and (Ghost of trost on ao3) but they're unfortunetly unfinished... looking forward to your stories!
4/27 c14 1starscreamer11
Interesting ideas. I give this a follow!
4/25 c12 please
Isn't it pretty arrogant for you to think that you can write a better story than the manga? The canon ending followed the logic that was set up since the beginning of the Marley Arc. Isayama gave away his ending with the story of the Tyburs, and people were still surprised. I'm not going to read this fic because your writing itself doesn't draw me in. But it was your author's note that completely put me off. The rest of the world is still in danger from the Jaegerists. There's no way they'll be able to retaliate for like another 50 - 100 years and by that time, the Jaegerists could already mobilize against them with their strong fascist ideology and attempt to establish their own empire the way Marleyians did. Paradis isn't in a place to worry. It's everybody else.
4/24 c14 2watches when you sleep
This was a good what if. Will say that I find it odd the colossal Bert didn’t eat eren like he did Ymir in order to capture him but that’s a minor nitpick, also got an idea, what if Reiner got Eaten and marcel and everyone ran away? How would that affect Marcel has in his confession to reiner he was crying over just that, how would he feel if he got him killed immediately after and also armoires Ymir would be an interesting what if.
4/24 c14 navyfield858
This should be more than just a mere oneshot.
4/24 c14 94Miqila
I definitely agree with this; without her bond with her dad, I could see Annie turning her back on Marley and even actively helping the scouts. If you're going to turn any of your one shots in to a longer story, then this one certainly holds the number one spot right now in my opinion.
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