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4/23 c14 284Traitor of All Traitors
Impressive how one action makes it so that Marco lives. Good work.
4/23 c14 6vangian13
Annie is one of my favorite characters. I'm glad to see ylu do jer justice. I'll add this story to the mental list I wish you would continue in some form.
Here's an idea: what if Porco inherited the Armored titan instead of Reiner? Do you think he'd fare any better or would he do worse? (I can see Porco blowing their cover hard, but that's just me.)
4/23 c14 140AkumaKami64
...(facepalm) YMIR DAMMIT ALL! Why has no one ever done this?! This is one of the singularly most believable AUs I've seen in a long ass time! "I" should have thought of this a long time ago!

I am legitimately ashamed of myself.
4/21 c12 Guest
I definitely have some problems with the ending but i feel like your version just wanted more deaths and shock value even if it had little sense in the story.
4/23 c14 3Tertius711
Wow damn this idea is interesting!
4/21 c12 SubjectOfDripmir
Connor Cornelius Cummer lives, but Ellen still becomes bird (crying)

Lesss go Lebi dies
4/21 c13 Guest
How about you continue it but in this story when Eren emerges from the Titan it’s kept confidential from most public people including the gov and the other Titan shifters and Eren works on the downlow.
4/20 c13 Guest
I’d really love for this story to be expanded since it seems like a creative premise with how it’s handled here. Though I could see it being hard to work with due to the other shifters but it can work as an AU divergent from canon.
4/21 c13 KankerousWart
I'd love to see a continuation of Death and Rebirth if you're ever willing
4/21 c13 94Miqila
Aaa I love this idea! I haven't seen any stories like this, can you name a few?
4/21 c13 2watches when you sleep
Ohhh my god this is so interesting! Please continue it later!

Also can you do a what if Ymir was eaten by Dina Fritz during the Eren rescue in season 2.
4/20 c13 140AkumaKami64
...Okay, BLZ, be honest with me? Have you read my "God of Hate" fic? Cause you're the second or third person I know to make a scene with the soldiers at Trost cominucating with a non-human Eren via yes and no nods. Not accusing, just wondering if my scene inspire this one at all.

All in all, good oneshot.
4/20 c13 284Traitor of All Traitors
Better outcomes than what 139 did to displease a lot of people. And whichever cases in which a person becomes a Titan permanently don’t seem to have much groundwork to work with.

As for this, how can we be sure it’s permanent for Eren?
4/20 c13 38Thunderstrike16
This is an interesting concept, I've never read or heard of those stories, any chance you can list a couple or the ones you found interesting?
4/20 c13 6vangian13
You're not wrong. Most stories like this tend to get abandoned. I guess you can add this one to the list of stories you'll consider writibg but never get around to doing.
I'm not sure if I posted this what if already, but I still like the scenario: what if Carla survives the fall of Shiganshina and recieves the attack/founding titan from Grisha instead of Eren? In this scenario, Grisha would see that the future from before had changed and would give his son the chance to live a longer life. Thoughts?
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