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9/3 c2 4Monkey D. Umi
Incredible, I love your story, as well as the changes in perspective, the personalities of the characters as well as how you write it. I look forward to the next update, two chapters and you already have me completely hooked. I give you all my encouragement.

I am already waiting for the moment for Sakura or Ankalagon to take human form, it will be moments of laughter, I am already imagining her trying to walk while trembling like a newborn fawn.

By the way I am sorry if any of the above is wrong, English is not my first language.
8/30 c1 Rubydragon TM
And btw, I agree with that the Idea of Sakura being a dragon is awesome!
8/30 c2 Rubydragon TM
Awwww , Its si cute how Glorfindel feels that Sakuras 'Paws' are more comfortable to sleep on than his bed!
8/29 c2 HappyDeviWitchDauggter
Please update soon
8/7 c2 Jean
Love the concept and your writing style. I hope that you will continue to switch perspectives. I love being about to see what Glorfindel is thinking. Sincerely hope you will write more!
8/3 c2 3ladypennywise
I LOVE IT! pleaseee continue!
I finished the other fanfic long ago, and this one seems just as promising. Good job!
7/29 c2 Guest
I love this please write more!
I hope I get to see some fluffy scenes.
7/29 c1 17BrickSheep
I LOVE your writing 100had to write the second review because I accidentally prematurely sent the other one) I love the detail, love, love, how smoothly it flows. It feels like I'm reading dang poetry.
7/29 c2 BrickSheep
Oh goodness freaking gracious the LAST thing I need is a new obsession. Can we just talk about your writing for a second?
7/26 c2 Guest
Not gonna lie I love this so far.
7/21 c2 Guest
This is brilliant though, I really love this story!
7/18 c2 Hans
I loved it, can't wait to see what will happen.
Update soon!
7/15 c2 Itachan
I love this development. Though it is sad that Glorfindel has to face a lot of critism due to the bond, I hope they can be happy and at peace together. Please update when you can~
7/13 c2 Akame KuroChi
7/10 c2 suzga
yay! thank you! I loved this chapter. so cute :D
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