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for Demonic Influence: Reborn

6/30 c10 whatsupman
Now the Division is on board. A cool mix for sure. Pretty sure that Black Tusk will try seize power and control over everything.
6/29 c10 Nantono
Damn Blake and Ozpin this situation has gotten a lot worse.
Blake is a hypocrite because she defends genocidal fauns but she doesn't want to defend fauns who kill genocidal fauns. Clearly this black tusk has a past with hell or do they know how to use hell technology and ozpin is using unreliable agents? Maybe Salem will do something soon.
Hell is probably going to have entire villages and use various fauns or humans as experiments.
6/29 c10 MemeMasterAssBlaster
Damn, saved by plot armor (jk)
6/29 c10 Dylan-A-Friend
6/29 c10 Blu IV
Less people and more demons, please.
6/29 c10 Teddy
Hmm, you should do more Hunter Hunted chapters.
I see possible an alliance between the Cleaners and the Redeemed, although they do not have good relations at least they have the same objective and soon the same enemy.
You may have said that Ulysses will not be an enemy of the RWBY team, but I really want to see how Ulysses destroys them.
Stay safe.
6/29 c10 Stratos263
Really a special agent against a marauder that fool is toasted
6/29 c10 2VGBlackwing
Step off yang before you be put down by force
6/28 c9 Dylan-A-Friend
6/27 c9 3AtomicGod666
Will the to demons team up? they will right? anyway awesome story can't wait for more!
6/26 c9 whatsupman
Great course. I hope that we going to see more action from the cleaners. Combined with the demons they will burn everyone down including the cat.
6/26 c9 Stratos263
Oh Blake grow up. Really ozpin what can this one other guy do after Ulysses
6/25 c9 Phantommore
Bet that Team RWBY managed to arrived just in time, but they get bodied
6/25 c9 Nantono
Nice chapter!
6/25 c9 MemeMasterAssBlaster
I hope Blake is dead. Mainly because it don't like her character but also I just want to see how team RWBY would react.
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