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for The Rich Girl Next Door (Just Tried to Kill Me)

6/2 c1 Guest
I love all of your Shawn whump fics, keep them coming, you are wonderful
4/13 c1 MamaAngel8
Yet another amazing story! Rivetingfunny at the same time. Thank you.
3/7 c1 1HDDNeptuneFTW
I only know about VX nerve gas because of MacGyver
2/19 c1 ShawnSpenceStarr
Just read your authors note... and I’m so glad your back!
2/19 c1 ShawnSpenceStarr
Love it! I’m a sucker for Shawn h/c! Especially when Henry’s around for the Comfort part of things.
2/8 c1 laily.spenstar
Psych and MacGyver reboot, both my favorite tv shows. Thank you for making Shawn poisoned, like really poisoned this time.
2/7 c1 8jaredpaderlecki
you write psych fanfiction so well omgggg, i love the jokes you made and the classically shawn-like observations! thanks so much for sharing :)
2/7 c1 The ring
Team fighters go down as a crew.
Fantasy of the dark haired man...,Four was his name.. he took me into his dream sequence... Tris couldn’t help playing along.
2/7 c1 44smuffly
ThIs was FUN! Well written, and I really enjoyed it. A much better payoff than the 'barely poisoned' incident, much as I love that episode. Nice to see Henry being softer, too.

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