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for Chainsword Man

11/26 c1 Arkham Knight
This is interesting. Like how you combine both universes and it’s a good start.
7/29 c1 12Clare Prime of Ultra
When my favorite anime is rewritten in the 40k world. Everything suddenly seems to make sense
7/13 c1 3trollzor69
3/21 c1 2Triton0501
Holy fuck this is perfect! Devils and Daemons alongside Hell and The Warp go together so perfectly that it's almost impossible to not make something out of this! Nice work!
3/21 c1 8King-Naberius

Some very good stuff going on here and I cant wait to read more of it. :D
3/21 c1 5djpj7652
This was fuckin epic as all hell man. Don't know much about Chainsaw man aside from some memes I've seen but I can't wait to see more of this. Great job man.
3/4 c1 55ptl
If Pochita has the same abilities as canon, the Chaos Gods should fear the potential threat to them... as well as the possibility of the concepts they embody being retconned out of existence, changing the universe's history drastically.

Besides, with Chainsaw Man mixed with this, there is the possibility of Warp Entities stronger than the Chaos Gods existing, not acting due to the machinations of Chaos and the Materium at large not interesting them.

Poor, poor, Denji. Living a normal life in this universe will be next to impossible.
2/19 c1 2ManwithaPlan113
Never seen Chainsawman before

But based on the name? And the sheer mayhem done against these Emperor less heathens?

Fucking glorious. Ave Imperator
2/18 c1 JrOfDirt1998
Very good. I want to see each factions reaction to Denji's unholy nature. I don't know whether the Eldar would even bother to say anything before teying to gut him on the spot.
2/18 c1 Jajo Camello
Pretty interesting story, I do hope you can shake it up without following the original script of Chainsaw Man.
2/11 c1 human dragon
This peaked my interest and I hope that you will update this soon :)
2/11 c1 Guest
the beggining of chainsaw man was always awesome
2/11 c1 8UndeadLord22
Basically the same plot, just different in WH40k sense

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