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7/5/2021 c6 Jetjaguar98
Well, first of all my vote goes for Robin, second, seeing that nobody wants to help you improve every day I will gladly do it but before I say that you are doing well, I will put 4 categories regarding errors, extra information, questions and ideas, first of all take it as you want.

- You completely forgot the survival system of the omnitrix, the watch has a lot of things to keep Ben alive but for now if you do that the watch was being calibrated at that time due to the events that occurred I buy it.
- the power to follow XLR8 by the girls, in simple terms or Ben was very limited in his speed or you nerfed him very badly, XLR8 can reach FTL speeds, I will buy it if it were Kizaru (although it is using a technique) but do not make this mistake or say that Ben was limited in those moments.
- Ben's age still leaves me worried, he seems inexperienced and that makes no sense, he could easily transform into Eater or upchuck and finish everything very quickly (the cube does not release robot infinitely if there are many but they are easy to break).

extra infor:
- Ben is someone very skilled in hand-to-hand combat, I know if I remember correctly 95 or 98 in the plumbers academy, an intergalactic police and constantly trains at the base with Rook, Gwen also taught him movements and Bad Ben took classes in self defense so why not ours.
- Ben can learn magic, this is to keep in mind.
-If you plan to use waybig remember that although his size varies, many of us agree that he should be 90 meters (295 feet).
- The Omnitrix has many, many functions, you are free to give it the functions of any smart watch but keep in mind that the omnitrix is inseparable from Ben by external force other than Ben or Azmut himself.
- Diamondhead crystals are not Taidenite, they are harder than diamonds but organic, which means they have no monetary value.
-Ben is harder than people normally believe, the best example is the moment when Aggregor shoots a ray of radioactive energy at him and flies off a wall so that shortly after a huge wall falls on him, all in the human form of he! Of course, he later transformed to fight using Big Chill, it is in ultimate alien happens (Ben used the Ultimatrix at that time).
- Do not confuse the omnitrix with the Ultimatrix, the latter does not have the survival functions for the user because it is an incomplete work.

- How old is Ben? I hope he is 18 or 19 years old.
- Do you think to give more attention to this story ?.
- Are you planning to give Ben a new outfit? and if so, I recommend the original Ben 10,000 suit or the Elmike9 suit, which is simple and effective.
- Will there be new aliens? If so, 5 years later it is a good option to get good comic aliens and I hope those of Thomas Perkins and Derick, remember to give their respective rights to the authors.
- At what moment are we in one piece?

- If Ben is 18 or 19 years old, I hope that the time with Kai (archaeologist) is productive to be able to talk to Robin (archaeologist) and he is thinking of going with him.
- A uniform fight with Sanji and Kickin Hawk (or Rath), all because of Sanji's jealousy of Ben (Ben wins with slight bruises), only to know that Ben did not take the fight seriously by not using his strongest forms, for the ginda al pastel the kujas comment that their "family jewels" are smaller than Ben, deep down Zoro is dying of laughter with the others, Brook and Franky laugh until they know that they are in a worse condition (skeleton and cybogr).
- Impressing Luffy is easy don't worry and if something happens ... Humungousaur.
- You can make Ben have more scars, I thought at the time that his right shoulder was broken as a good scar, specifically from a burn.
- To give Ben clothes you can make him rebise to his robbery and make it like a bottomless backpack, to take out a new set and keep the Techadones bucket for everyone's safety.
- About Ben and learning Haki is your choice, I do not see it wrong, that it is like Sanji and Zoro with the first 2 and more in the future the conqueror, that if you take your time this also goes for magic.
-Ben's height is 5'11 "or 5'9", he is not your choice.
-Don't give Ben a devil fruit or you will kill his charm, if not, remember everything will go downhill if you fill someone who already has the most powerful object in the universe.
- Last note on these ideas, give it the master control and we will see how it continues with this, even so, it is worrying to know when to intervene.

Well to end my speech I hope you spend some wonderful years and progress in your goals, continue with your writing and I hope to see more chapters.

PS: Pay no attention to the Hornys who only ask for girls and follow what you want most for your stories, it improves every day.
7/5/2021 c6 Kamencolin
7/2/2021 c6 mb
7/2/2021 c6 Justin
Robin or Hancock
7/2/2021 c6 1Omni warrior
Yeah, I vote for Robin, also Ben stay human during the lemon scenes no transforming into aliens
7/2/2021 c1 quevigonzalez200
Android 18
7/1/2021 c6 2Jordan Steen
I vote for Robin
7/1/2021 c6 mikaelefapiano19
7/1/2021 c6 DB-20
I'm going with Sandersonia
7/1/2021 c6 calderoneric758
Robin enough said
4/9/2021 c3 mikaelefapiano19
Great story keep it up
3/31/2021 c3 AnimeGoji91
That is Awesome and kick ass and please continues this story please!?
3/28/2021 c3 mb
mha melissa shield , todoroki fuyumi , nejire hado , momo
ft mirajane , seliach
bleach rangiku , saifan, yaruichi
lol ahri
3/27/2021 c3 halo
i vote for boa hancock
3/14/2021 c2 AnimeGoji91
RWBY: Yang Xiao Long, Weiss Schnee, Ruby Rose, Blake Belladonna, Velvet Scarlatina, Emerald, Coco, Penny Polendina, Neo, Katt, Nebula, Sienna, Neon, Melanie and Miltia.
Konosuba: Aqua, Darkness and Luna.
Blazblue: Makoto Nanaya, Kokonoe Mercury and Rachel Alucard.
Darkstalkers: Morrigan Aensland, Lilith Aensland, Felicia, Hsien-Ko and Mei-Ling.
Sword Art Online: Suguha Kirigaya, Sinon, Lavender Brown, Sakuya, Yuuki and Asuna.
Kingdom Hearts: Aqua and Larxene.
Fire Emblem: Lucian, Female Robin, Female Corrin, Female Byleth and Camille.
Akame Ga Kill: Leone, Aria, Akame, Sheele, Sayo, Mine, Esdeath, Chelsea, Suzuka and Mez.
Persona: Rise, Naoto, Chie and Yukiko.
Dragon Maid: Tohru, Elma and Lucoa.
League Of Legends: Ahri.
Fates Series: Arturia PenDragon, Tamamo No Mae, Medusa and Madea
Avatar and Korra series: Katara, Suki, Azula, June, Mai, Ty Lee, Korra, Asami, Sato, Eska, Zhu Li, Opal, P'Li and Ming-Hua.
High School DXD: Rias, Akeno, Sona, Tsukbaki, Rossweisse, Xenovia, Yasaka, Koneko, Kuroka and some girls.
Sekirei: Tsukiumi, Musubi, Mastu, Homura, Kuu and some girls.
Rosario and Vampire: Moka, Inner Moka, Kurumu, Mizore, Yukari, Ruby, Kokoa, Deshiko, Tamao, Shizuka, Aqua, Ririko, Keito, Kahlua and LingLing.
SkullGirls: Squigly, Filia, and Valentine.
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