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10/1 c21 dan.lew.upg
cANT wait for more
9/25 c21 Stonepotrice
Wow some intense action! Is the awol noble still alive? If so gonna get excuted? How does Naruto know the fireball jutsu? Does domino have a thing for Naruto? What's up with that bartender? Retired airman? Hope for more soon
9/25 c21 Golden Wind God
great fucking chapter bro
9/24 c21 Guest
Wait, what happened to the Kumo ninja!? I hope that pompous noble pilot gets kicked out of the military!
9/24 c21 6ChubbyNingen
Loved this chapter…. I’ve got a question though is there a specific pairing or just a harem? I’m all for the surprise but it’s a simple curiosity for me. Otherwise love the Pearl Harbor movie use that was exceptional. What the hell happened to Aokiji?
9/24 c21 Tangere peripher
So basically Pearl Harbour. Love it! Thank you so much for the update!
Cant wait to read more of it
9/24 c21 gabrielflausino9
amazing F*cking chapter
9/24 c21 NarutoKazahama06
damn smoker is a badass
9/23 c21 djinn
great new chapter
9/24 c21 NaruCrazy
I am sure many are wondering the same thing as well, What was Aokiji doing during the attack? He alone could have saved at least 1 if not both Koslov and Scarlett from being destroyed.
9/24 c21 WhateverPlus
I liked this chapter.
9/24 c21 calderoneric758
This feels like pearl harbor only written its horrible but it did happen
9/23 c21 alexc123
Great chapter, I enjoyed these flashbacks!
9/23 c21 atengawchok
Oh, so damn sad. Avenge us was surely going to be following event. I'm surprised Naruto didn't learn geppou yet.
9/23 c21 Reedz22
Absolutely fantastic chapter.
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