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5/31 c18 Golden Wind God
father? damn thats some twist. with each chapter im getting really really interested in knowing what happened during the war and everything related to that.
the suspense is biiulding up and its gonna be a big bang.
please do try to update as soon a possible
5/31 c18 8Jebest4781
Will be interesting to see what you'll do to reveal what particularly happened in the Elemental Nations war.
5/31 c18 Greer123
It seems like many people are not eager for another war.
5/31 c18 WhateverPlus
I liked this chapter.
5/31 c18 Reedz22
So is luffy gonna break em out or Naruto?
5/31 c18 natsu00
excellent your chapter, naruto this beaten against madara or kaguya at the end of the war? the person that naruto killed this sasuke right? if sasuke is dead will naruto get those eyes back? i hope naruto saves ace when he gets killed by
Sakazuki, normally Naruto knows all the techniques of his clan and that of his father, saw Jiraiya who trained him and he knows his parents, I hope that Naruto knows how to use kenjutsu, ninjutsu, taijutsu, senjutsu and also Chakra Mode from Kyûbi, I don't know if he knows a little about the three types of haki?
pity that naruto does not know boa hancock, seen the two we suffer the same thing and in addition the two will have little to be in a relationship together, seen luffy is blind as a mole for boa hancock, otherwise I am in a hurry to see the rest of your story and keep it up
5/31 c18 4Gamelover41592
awesome work on this chapter
5/31 c18 M.D. Hurricane
Oh man this build up is crazy. When everything pops off it'll be amazing. I don't know if I'm ready
5/31 c18 5Raiden Supernova
So, Naruto had a child with some mysterious woman. Hmm, interesting...
5/31 c18 devanta1
Hell yea keep this story going I’m a huge fan
5/31 c18 4Monster King
Awesome work
5/22 c17 Guest
You still need to explain what Orochimaru “completed” and WHY it made Hiruzen apologize to Naruto!
5/17 c17 lucasdavidcrcosta
5/15 c17 Guest
Did Luffy take out Arlong?
5/15 c17 Guest
Refresh my memory, what is the “New World”?

How many of the Konoha 11 (since Naruto was kidnapped) are still alive? What became of Hinata without “her Naruto” around? Is Neji still obsessed with “fate”? Who replaced Naruto on Team 7? What happened with the Land of Waves Arc, or the Land of Snow Arc?
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