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11/7 c23 dan.lew.upg
cant wait for more
Goood fucking shit mate.. I love coming back to read 2 chapters from a Hiatus this is pure gold and gives me the shiver of excitement keep up the writing and hopping for a great read in the future
10/26 c1 kingroq
killing intent and conquerors haki are not the same
KI- gained through killing others
use- show an opponent their death
conquerors haki- so rare only one in a million are born with it
use- project the will of the user on others to combat conquerors haki of others or the knock out weak willed opponets
10/26 c23 xRaaRaa
This is such a good read, can't wait for more!
10/26 c23 alexc123
Great chapter!
10/23 c11 Guest
best story
10/24 c23 Hyperman15
Now that I think about it, in one piece, Haku would fit perfectly with Kiku and Izo
10/23 c23 Trinix8
awesome chapter
10/23 c23 Skull Flame
- The Damned Raiders... that's a cool name. Haku and Law were part of them? Talk about big names.
- Something happened in Konoha, right after the ceasefire, huh... That's going to be interesting information later on.
10/23 c23 1R-king 93
Awesome chapter
10/22 c23 thor94
so naruto released more prisoners, and glad to see haku, i like haku-naru relationship, especially if kept as male.
10/22 c23 Golden Wind God
oh this is becoming crazier. love it bro
10/22 c23 Spellbat
So Haku survived and is with Naruto. Interesting.
10/22 c23 djinn
great new chapter
10/22 c23 WhateverPlus
I liked this chapter.
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