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10/22 c23 Shadowkanji
Holy shit if haku is there what happened to zabuza
10/22 c23 4Monster King
Good job
10/21 c23 Guest
Was it the World Government who set the ambush for Naruto?
10/21 c23 Guest
When was it mentioned that Naruto had a connection with Whitebeard? Also, when are we gonna find out who Naruto’s lover is, is it Hinata?
10/22 c23 Tangere peripher
Nice, didnt expect Haku to pop up
10/22 c23 1Datan-shi. okami
a part of me is really hoping for whitebeard and aces survival but this story is so unpredictable I love it.. can't wait for the next update and looking foreward to elemental war arc
10/22 c23 Samuel Santillan
I liked!.
Good chapter, I look forward to the next one.
10/21 c11 XenoLucifer
Your obsession with guns and military is really sinking the story, the premise was amazing. Naruto getting freed from slavery and being shown what freedom is like, and now he decides to enlist on his own for some reason throwing that freedom away.

It's like you have this story laid out but keep trying to force your military fantasy into it whenever you can.
10/21 c1 XenoLucifer
Naruto has never scarred in his entire life, so how come he did here? also those injuries he got when activating the Kyuubi cloak should've healed instantly, Naruto got stabbed clean through by the chidori and it healed in a second so I don't see how these injuries would remain.

You need to keep canon consistencies if you don't want people to scoff at how unbelievable the story is.
10/21 c23 Stonepotrice
WAR! Hmm was the bandages on Naruto's arm a foreshadow to something?
oh haku is a dude! not gonna be some random female love interest?
does haku have the executioner's blade?!
wait naruto and his army made it to konoha and somehow got ambushed? wait happened to the village?
hope for more soon
10/21 c23 8Jebest4781
This was great. Can’t wait for more.
10/21 c23 4Gamelover41592
Epic work on this chapter :D
10/21 c23 Razberry17
so you replace shikamaru and choji with haku also law was apart of naruto group didn't see that i wonder who else is in naruto group to be honest i miss naruto using the executor blade well beside that i can't wait to see what you bring next

keep up the good work and to quote my favorite youtuber have a damn good day
10/13 c22 6The Faceless Wordsmith
Let the prison break begin in earnest. It will be interesting to see Naruto in an actual fight- something that hasn't happened often to this point.
10/13 c22 Golden Wind God
loved it
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