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for He Dreamt in Crystal

3/30/2021 c3 206Crystal Rose of Pollux
Oh, poor Vincent, to be through so much, even as a kid, and still dealing with being treated like that...

I do like the touch, though, that, even at that young age, Vincent knew enough not to mess with the Forbidden Arts

Hopefully Artimeus will be able to work things out quickly!
3/30/2021 c3 15threephantomrey
i love this chapter!

awww, young Vincent is adorable! i feel so bad for him. his backstory of his little sister Akria’s still birth, his mother and father blaming him for that, and then his parents forcing him to bring her back even though he refuses is very heartbreaking.

wow, Frotriem yelling at Vincent, telling him to get out and that he won’t be accepted into the school was very cruel of him. however, i liked it when Artimeus calmly told Vincent that he will be accepted into the school. that was heartwarming
2/23/2021 c2 206Crystal Rose of Pollux
Ooh, I am loving this look into young Vincent's past.

Ah, indeed, he was a prodigy. And it's so poignant how, even at that young age, he is hurt by the fact that people are afraid of him, aww...

Looking forward to more!
2/22/2021 c1 15threephantomrey
this looks great so far! i like the introductions to your characters and the fact that the students jokingly refer to the Institute as "Terror Tech." i'm very excited for chapter 2!
2/9/2021 c1 206Crystal Rose of Pollux
I've been looking forward to this ever since you mentioned it!

The prologue sets the stage quite nicely (and I love the idea of "Terror Tech" being a nickname; that was quite a brilliant idea) and introduces some characters that clearly have a role to play in Vincent's life, perhaps the gangs', as well.

Eagerly awaiting more!

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