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2h c3 Retrdtchr
Wow! Each of these chapters could have been a story on its own. You never cease to amaze me with your writing. An endless wealth of new approaches to the relationship between these two. You understand each of the characters so well and weave all of them together into tapestries of adventure, fun, and love. Thank you.
6/7 c3 James Birdsong
Good three chapters of course
6/3 c3 2alix33
What a sweet chapter.
I liked Stephanie and Valerie's phone call.
6/2 c3 daxandpat
Lucky Steph. Your usual very nice job again, thank you.
6/2 c2 daxandpat
YEA! Bye bye Helen.
6/2 c1 daxandpat
Woohoo, good advice.
6/2 c3 Guest
Love that Val supports her. Great update, thank you.
6/2 c3 Guest
Yay, love these two, and hope you are continuing this...more soon?
6/1 c3 Guest
6/2 c3 GarbanzoBeans
Awe Valerie showing support and Ranger proceeding to show her just how much he loves her and wants her there. A good day all totaled.
6/2 c3 Tommy14
Glad to read another chapter. Val surprised me in a good way. Love the ending with Steph telling Ranger "Don't stop being you or loving me."
6/1 c3 20aruvqan
wonderful )
6/1 c3 shellbell78
Awesome update! Loved it!
6/1 c3 shoegirl01
Go Val! And gotta love having Ranger and to the list of why she’ll be sticking around
6/1 c3 JB
Most enjoyable chapter, big smiles. Thanks for sharing, much appreciated. JB.
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