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for A Look Into Another Life

5/8 c1 Guest
Dear author sama were can I find the next chapter? I really need it please
2/21 c1 Minty220
This is meta as heck and I love it. Even if this is just for you, I love this writer indulgent stuff. Its so genuine and interesting. These stories always have a lot of love. Also the train of thought sequences are unbelievably clean. Damn talented. Thanks author.
2/16 c1 ReflectiveReader
The poor fourth wall! To be fair, you did crash through it so you should be able to continue breaking it when you want to and peek into our world. I appreciate that you had other you consult someone about dimension hopping -unlike some stories I want to yell at!
2/13 c1 Dude
This was honestly very interesting. I'm looking forward to whats in store.
2/9 c1 36Dp-Marvel94
Cool story! Definitely not the type I normally read but you've got me interested.

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