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9/12 c7 feralrico
First off I wanna say that I love that you answered the questions alot of people have . I would love love love to help you with plans of crops and animals depending on where they settle and if they need hobbies I think we should make hobbies that would be useful for everyone in the long run or if they find a library and they as a group treach everyone each hobbies and those that do great do those hobbies. Would love to hear back from you
9/12 c7 Problemchild667
Ok I trust what your doing author, I do so please keep up the good work and tell us when your going to continue or rewrite. My idea is this keep this one up until you’ve reached the same chapter as the rewrite then you can take down this one.
9/12 c7 Gracie15Trowa
It would be funny to have someone make a night bus in one of these. I have only seen a few episodes of TWD it'll be cool if someone saved the army dudes form the first big bad but I don't think they'll get along with Merle and Daryl. Re-update soon please
9/11 c7 2Kiyo-Cub
Very curious to see the rewrite, will you be posting it by replacing the original chapters or will you be deleting this original story and starting a new one?
9/11 c7 Giant FU
FU and your rewrite. Your grammar and everything haven't been great, but your story was decent and even slightly original toward the latter chapters. I was enjoying it, and I don't see any reason why you can't just continue from this point with a beta for improved quality. A do-over is a slap in the face. It says that you don't respect the time your readers have put in to get this far. I've seriously read upward of 60K words just to get a so-sad-too-bad? Do you expect me or anyone else to reread your mediocre story in a slightly "improved" form rather than just pick out one of the hundreds of other options on this site and many others? What the actual hell?
8/17 c6 Kiyo-Cub
I really like your story but I'm sorry to say that your description of Teddy is not really accurate By 2.5-3yrs old (I think Teddy is about 3 now?) Kids are running around, have all of their first set of teeth, speak in (partial) sentences and are definitely eating solid foods. The way you describe Teddy he's between 6mnths and 1yr old...
8/9 c6 jgood27
Love this story and can't wait to read more
8/1 c6 19Estriella
If they could find water... Lol. Aquamenti?
7/27 c5 Silver-Knightmare
all i could think this chapter is just "when your last two brain cells are doing the lords work." and i mean that as a compliment.
7/27 c3 Silver-Knightmare
* me over here just silently applaudingyes bitch. keep my family out your fucking mouth
7/27 c2 Silver-Knightmare
I'd vote no to helping shane. i hate shane though so that's just personal preference. i do like the thought of him helping carl and sophia though.
7/14 c6 lafauxpas
Love it! Happy Belated Birthday. I hope that you continue. It’s wonderful.
6/29 c6 LiquidCrystal
Another way that harry could get arround a pile up is by making the cars smaller or maybe light weight; i kind of want for the Rv to fly, take away the weight and just drag it by broom like a ballom xD
Great fic!
6/28 c6 As The World Burns
Going into this, I wasn’t too sure how I felt about a Merle/Harry story, but this is fantastic. I love that you have kept everyone in character as much as possible. I can’t wait to see how you tie in Beth and Maggie’s group (if you are), as well as the rest of the Atlanta group. I’m hoping for a reunion with Andre and Michonne! Can’t wait to see what you bring us next!
6/27 c6 2RavenWolf9212
I love this, can not wait to see were you take this hope things work out or they may think and island might be better off and on the way to a were a ship or boat home is the could catch animals wild and farm. Just an idea maybe you could something from that.
P.S don't for get harry trunk
And thank you for your hard work to give us something good to read!
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