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6/28 c6 As The World Burns
Going into this, I wasn’t too sure how I felt about a Merle/Harry story, but this is fantastic. I love that you have kept everyone in character as much as possible. I can’t wait to see how you tie in Beth and Maggie’s group (if you are), as well as the rest of the Atlanta group. I’m hoping for a reunion with Andre and Michonne! Can’t wait to see what you bring us next!
6/27 c6 2RavenWolf9212
I love this, can not wait to see were you take this hope things work out or they may think and island might be better off and on the way to a were a ship or boat home is the could catch animals wild and farm. Just an idea maybe you could something from that.
P.S don't for get harry trunk
And thank you for your hard work to give us something good to read!
6/19 c6 Razeus1
1stly Merry belated birthday!
2ndly, don't count out other established camping groups such as the Boy Scouts.

Because the BSA have really well set-upped sites with water and shower/toilet facilities nearby campsite clusters, with big kitchens and dining halls.
Plus they have a lot of craft stations to teach a milder type of survival: leather working, metal works, orienteering, rope knots, watersports, archery and shooting (typically BB guns if I remember correctly), wilderness foraging, building shelter, etc. just a bunch of needed training.
6/19 c4 Razeus1
Well, Harry sure got an eye-full of luscious man-candy!
I hope Harry takes the opportunity to scavenge the shit out of the CDC, if they go along there.
He's going to need lots of no-mag medicines and medical paraphernalia.
Plus, there should be a good supply of snack food at the least and perhaps guns and ammo due to the military posting there.
Is Fierce-Carol gonna be romantic interest for Daryl?
6/19 c3 Razeus1
Well.. that's me set straight on Shane.
Oh well, I like to see canon go off the rails even if for a little bit, but I guess traditional Shane is here to stay.
Loved the queenie-smack-down, a Lot!
6/19 c2 Razeus1
It would be kinda cool if you could find a way to redeem Shane and keep him from falling into Lori's poisonous clutches.
I always wondered if Shane was just doing a typical 'Fake it 'til you make it' façade to be able to stabilize some of the few areas he could do when the world is going to shitzville around him.
If he hadn't got mixed up with Lori and had a way to help keep his mental balance, he had potential to be a better leader than Rick, especially in such a deteriorating world.
6/18 c6 Mateomouse1
I love the story. The plot is gripping and I am looking forward to seeing how Harry and his group survive. One small critique is the description of Teddy. He is supposed to be over two years old at this point. Basically a full blown toddler who should be talking up a storm and not only walking but running around. You describe him more like a baby who is still 6 months old. It throughs things off a little bit but this is still a great story aside from that.
6/13 c6 angelflower2000usyahoo.com
Your timeline is not consistent. In the summary you said it was two years after the war that Harry and Teddy were transported to the new world. Yet when he met the Dixons you said he was a year and a half. In the last chapter you said Teddy was nearly three years old which would mean it has been over a year since the pandemic started, which would mean that Rick was in a coma for over a year without any food or fluids or monitoring of any kind, which is literally impossible, he would have died of starvation and dehydration before ever waking up from his coma. Baring all that if Teddy was nearly three years old he’d already be walking and talking, and eating solid foods because he’d already have a mouthful of teeth.
6/4 c6 Silvermane1
Happy birthday
5/27 c6 chickieroy
I only really just started reading your story but I think that it’s really good if not amazing so far. Keep up the good work
5/26 c6 Yaoilover956
awesome love love love also happy belated birthday hope you had an amazing day
5/25 c6 Problemchild667
You know I didn’t realise that I’m reading the same story but at different sites, I love this please continue updating.
5/25 c6 Estelle Uzumaki
I like it a lot and I'm really looking forward to the rest.
5/25 c6 Gracie15Trowa
Happy 18th hope it wenters well.
5/24 c6 1LadySaphire
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