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for Old 'The Dixon's Merry'

5/24 c6 Elfin69
Thank you for saving little Andre' and for getting them to safety. It is good that Harry is able to modify the RV's and hopefully he will be able to make the other vehicles run on the ambient magic in the world instead of gas so that they do not run out of gas. Will they actually have the other group find them again before Lori has the baby so that maybe Harry can save her or at least have Carl get a chance to say goodbye
5/23 c6 xXxOtAkU-444xXx
I like it a lot
5/23 c6 godess bubbles
Happy belated birthday! Since Harry managed to save Andre does that mean we'll be seeing Michonne? Can't wait to see what happens next!
5/23 c6 Alya1188
herzlichen glückwunsch nach träglich zum geburtstag. war wieder ein gelungendes kapitel. weiter so
5/22 c1 2RavenWolf9212
if you want some ideas ok some help with this let me know and you do not need to give me any credit I just love to help. and I love what you have done to this point!
5/22 c5 4FigsVsNewton
Yooooooooo! Gah, i loved watching harry act so cool, I do think the whole master of death was a touch spontaneous cause except for the cold feelings from the soon to be deads names, he didnt really seem to have changed much, but otherwise awesome! I want more merleXharry! I just wanna see harry tease merle and then merle tease harry and then carl’ll be all like “muma what you doin?” And daryl”ll be like “teasin ya new daddy” and harry”ll be like “wha! No!” And merle be like “No!” And teddy”ll just dropa “daddy!” In merles arms all causal like, and then they both wont be able to deny anything!
5/14 c5 NickyNakoleT
I love this story! Thank you for continuing to upload despite the headaches. I remember that pain and understand that it is not fun at all. Hope you get relief soon!
5/12 c5 Rainraven
I like the idea of some oc's. I only watched till the fall of the prison (I think). I read a lot also, so not sure. Ummm, you posted twice in this chapter, just a heads up.
4/30 c5 2RavenWolf9212
Love this keep up the good work!
4/29 c5 cptbludz13
Can't wait for the next chapter!
4/23 c5 mariejackson154
I'm glad ur not abandoning it...lovin it so far
4/21 c5 xXxOtAkU-444xXx
I really like it!
4/16 c5 Yaoilover956
so awesome I love the fact that harry is mama kitty lol looking forward to reading how this wonderful story progresses
4/13 c5 godess bubbles
Personally I have never watched the walking dead, I've just read a lot of Harry Potter x Walking dead crossovers lol I do like the thought of having Glenn and the Greens there but I know that would mean they would have to meet back up with the others. Other then that I have absolutely no idea who else to include ((shrug)) This was a great chapter btw. I wonder if any of the others are going to question why Harry is immune to the virus and when he's going to tell everyone about the immortality things.
4/11 c5 Lady Kaiki
Love it !
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