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4/11 c5 blueroses
I really liked the chapter, I look forward to the next one.
I loved that Harry finally had Carl's puppy back, he would be a better father than his biological parents.
merle needs to have that conversation while sober, they can start their relationship in between.
It could be that the Rv had magical comforts since Harry already introduced the magic to his companions.
maybe later they can find a place like one of those old mansions that were independent with the help of death or maybe an island, a place that has a climate and resources that allows them to be off the grid and have their own laboratory, some crops and animals that they meet on the road and perhaps even people who know how to handle them.
Or maybe after leaving and looking for things they needed to isolate themselves (such as seeds, animals, plants, laboratory samples both human and animal, care books and so on, they can put them in some trunk like the one of fantastic animals, tools and utensils, more.) in a safe place, meet someone from the group and decide to go with them.
I did not see the whole series either, but you could get out of the script, nothing happens, as long as the characters that are survivors and ready to continue living together and becoming a team to live will be fine.
4/11 c5 Silvermane1
Fantastic update
4/10 c5 5I'm not ofreakingkay
Also, I wouldn't mind being a beta for the story if you're looking for one!
4/10 c5 Elfin69
hopefully soon Harry will blood adopt Carl and Sophia along with Teddy and Andre' and then do a sibling bond with Daryl and Carol after he explains what he found out from Death so that they do not have to worry about the virus. Glad to see that they all made it out safe and are together. Will they get one or two RV's and have Harry use Magic/Runes on them to expand them and make them run on the ambient Magic in the world.
4/10 c5 I'm not ofreakingkay
I'm so grateful that you took my advise and even used the Babycakes nickname! Daryl's POV was very well done, and I'm glad that you focused more on his character and how he feels about things than the actual events of the story. You didn't just slap his name on Harry's original point of view with a few added details. You fleshed him out as a character and only used super brief references to events so that those perspectives are still in context of the story. Very well done, and I can't wait to see what else you do!

An additional note I want to make, and this is an extremely minor one is to tone down a bit on the use of the nicknames. Despite how much I love them being used because they're endearments, there's no need to use them as replacements for a character's name in expositions. Or, at least, there's no need to use them more than a few times. I've seen this a lot in fics where nicknames are used a little too much, and the effect of the nickname wanes as the story progresses. In times of seriousness, I think it would be appropriate to drop them altogether, since it shows the reader the mental state of the character. Nicknames are usually used when people are thinking of a person's worth to them, but are usually dropped when they're being distracted or not thinking to much on how much they feel about the person they're nicknaming. For example, when Harry was getting back and was distraught by Carl's reunion with Rick, it would have been just fine if Daryl had called him Harry and the baby as Teddy, since it would be an acknowledgement of the seriousness of the situation. In other instances, nicknames are used for people we dislike because we're mocking them. In a serious situation, even these names are dropped. I don't think there's anything wrong with Daryl's mocking nicknames for Rick, Shane, and Lori when the walkers were there and they were ignoring Carl, since it shows how he feels about their actions, but it's always important to "read the room" when writing. I think you're doing a wonderful job, and I'm very honored that you listened to me, so I hope these recommendations are helpful to you. I'm loving the story, and I can't wait for more!
4/9 c5 Guest
Like it more please
4/8 c5 onidra
Rooting for the success of your teeth removal... Can't wait to see what you post next
4/8 c5 Zaurelie
Bon courage pour les dents de sagesse...on me les a enlevés pour les même raisons, je comprends la douleur. Ne t'inquiète pas pour l'histoire, nous pouvons attendre. Prends soin de toi. A bientôt.
3/27 c4 2Tarla2020
I have enjoyed this story. Also looking forward to more. Please keep writing. I do like how Harry has taken Carl under his wing. Lori doesn't deserve the boy.
3/26 c4 2RavenWolf9212
I love what you have got going, I hope to see them separate from the other group and maybe when the do find a places harry can put up wards and the one that hides them with two secret keeps this time that live it the place. LOL and with what harry has and what they can fined they could set up a nice home, greenhouse to grow food and more. but that just my thoughts on hope to see update soon.
3/22 c4 blueroses
I really enjoyed the chapter and I look forward to the next one.
I loved that harry told him what lori was doing instead of taking care of his son and apparently harry is better for carl's health and well-being. So I'm dying to know what will happen.
It is possible that the cdc will not explode the next day and he will have more time to question Dr. Jenner and maybe he will remind him of his wife and give him some ideas that he has not tried yet and give him back some of his spirit.
Maybe it can help the magic ingredients that you have or it is easier for merle to already appear antibodies to whatever the virus or disease or harry and teddy have an advantage to be able to make an antigen that helps them create something to fight against the disease or something like that.
and also have more time to take the things that are still stored such as food and other tools that will help them.
Maybe as Harry and his group know that the CDC should not have so much time left they disappear a little where they find a truck with fuel containers abandoned by the soldiers around they still had before all the collective suicide that they give them more time to rest and give them strength to continue in the race.
3/20 c3 5I'm not ofreakingkay
I'm loving the story so far! You're doing an amazing job! If you don't mind me giving a bit of constructive criticism, I'd like to share a point that I've learned over the years as both a reader and a writee. As a small suggestion for future chapters, I think it would be best to leave out full reiterations of scenes in another character's perspective because, even though it's nice to know about another character's opinion on occasion, it's not very helpful for the story if you're just rewriting a chapter in someone else's perspective. Not to say I didn't like some of the small details provided in Merle's perspective, but rereading the entire chapter can get tiring after a while. I recommend that, if you do want to give the readers a taste of another character's perspective (or just someone who's not Harry) then to either use that character's POV instead of Harry's for that scene in the first place if their POV turns out to be more important than Harry's, or to simply dedicate a small paragraph that hits the important points of their perspective. For example, the most important bits about Merle's perspective was the first scene of chapter 3 where he's first experiencing the apocalypse with his brother (since it's a completely novel experience for the reader and is important for us to know your version's origin story for the Dixon brothers), Merle's feelings toward Harry (since it's almost impossible to know that from Harry's perspective), and other things that would be new to the reader. But the scene with the Dixon brothers first meeting Harry and how they felt when Harry let Merle hold Teddy are made a bit redundant since we could already tell how the Dixons felt on both accounts in Harry's perspective. Another point you could consider for this, and as a great way to show Merle's character in Harry's perspective is to "show, not tell" through actions that Harry can see Merle doing. For example, Merle actually /doing/ an action that would endear Harry to him in a scene with little exposition instead of you telling us that Merle did it. A more practical example would be for Merle saving Teddy from a walker, or doing something oddly romantic for someone with his rather gruff personality like giving Harry a flower he found on a hunt for Harry's birthday. Little things that Harry can see and feel would definitely show both him and the reader that Merle is trying to get into Harry's good graces. Using more imagery than exposition definitely goes a long way for getting a reader to feel like they're in the character's shoes, as well as to show a bit more realism and pace in relationship and character building. So far, the story is going amazingly, and I love how you're getting everything going so far. Having Teddy as a baby in the story is rare in the HP/TWD fandom, and has the potential of adding a lot of stakes for Teddy and Harry. I'd love to see whatever you're cooking up for this ragtag group of misfits!
3/20 c3 I'm not ofreakingkay
Just as a random side thought, instead of giving Teddy the Lil'Man nickname, you might want to consider a direction of Harry's new nickname of Shortcakes: Babycakes. Teddy is Harry's baby, so should be graced as such on all accounts, right? I thought it would be funny for Merle to do this.
3/14 c3 Kyr
And they still don’t realize Harry is a guy?!
Thank you for sharing.
3/7 c4 Silvermane1
Fantastic update
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