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3/7 c4 godess bubbles
I'm a little surprised Harry and the others are sticking with the group. I do wonder if they'll stay until after the Greene farm incident or leave after the CDC, if they choose to leave at all. I'm also excited that we got to see a little more of Harry's and Merle's relationship develop! Can't wait for the next chapter!
3/6 c4 Quebie331
Can U make away for Harry or one of the Dixons Bros to find Michonne son. I don't know what happened to Andre in the TWD world. I've read alot of these HP/TWD Crossovers and thats one plot point I've never read. That would be great. Wonderful story. Funny and Tense. Plz update soon. Thx
3/6 c4 Phoenix1687
I think you should definitely include Glen in the pride. He is useful and skilled. He just needs better leadership and encouragement not to follow fools and stand up for himself and some training that the pride can provide. If you do let them follow to the CDC then the pride should collect as much supplies as they can before they leave the CDC.
3/6 c4 Guest
Thanks for another great chapter!

In another story they talked about there being a magical portrait that connects with the magical world in case of emergencies, but I always picture almost anywhere outside of Europes Magical World to be more advanced even if only a little so what about a (or multiple) magical mirror in the CDC?

Also the CDC always runs out of fuel the next day sometimes two in every crossover I've read. So how about while Rick is making all that noise trying to get in Harry finds a big barrel ( or a bunch of the smaller carriers) and starts getting some gas out of all the tanks and what not there? Bc Harry and Merle must know what happens when the powers gone. And its definitely not running on electricity any more. Even if it only buys them a week or two? It well give Harry time to check the results (maybe he even got some blood samples from everyone who was attacked), sort every he's picked up, and them start packing away every in the CDC if it looks like its about to fall? Then when there's like only 1 hour left they pact up to leave, but then have the alarm start BLARING on sonorous when 30 minutes are left to draw in as many walkers as possible to take out in one shot?

Then Harry's gang could make their way to the abandoned Jackson with another abandoned one down the river called Ft. Pulsaki. A Solar Powered (or mostly) RV could fit the 7 of them or an RV and a car/truck.

At night when they stop Harry could get out his broom, travel down the highway a little bit until he finds a pile up and start magically moving all the cars into one lane. Maybe even putting up a ward to keep walkers away and start stripping them of gas and luggage? You can never have to many of anything if you have space and preservation charms. He could sleep a few hours during the day.

Does Harry have Magical Storage Crystals that can hold some of his extra magic in case he needs it for something big without completely draining himself for days? Say Fidilus of both Forts?

Maybe they can find some more survivors? Though I'm big on Harry ending up with his own Orphanage of children 14 and younger. they would ve easier to deal with (not get rid of) then adults.

Maybe some magical creatures House-elves, bowtruckles, unicorns, Crup, Demiguise, Diricawl, Fairies, Horned Serpent, Kneazle, Moon calf, Salamander, And any more.
3/6 c4 Rainraven
I was quite happy about the talk with Carol, somebody needed too. So many writers have it ignored or have her immediately change, I liked that you had her think about it for a while, it seemed more real. I loved how you did the supply run, you included the main points and changed how they came about and were handled, it was perfect. I was giggling and blushing at the bathing scene, all I'm writing on that. I do wonder how you will handle Harry's blood and the CDC?

Stay Safe!
3/6 c4 2acetwolf94
3/6 c4 Zaurelie
Super, hâte de la suite
3/6 c4 Yaoilover956
awesome though I'm a little sad about Amy oh well looking forward to reading more
3/5 c3 Yaoilover956
love it lol take that bitch looking forward to reading more
3/4 c3 jeika5243
I love it I love it! Specially the way that he's treating Lori and helping Carl I can't wait for more
2/25 c3 4FigsVsNewton
I LOVE this! Its soooooo gooood! While i think harry would do well ripping merle a new one for putting them in danger by being high, i really want to see him put shane on his ass then be like “oh the succu-b!tch is ur wife? I thought she was shanes with how likely hes made her preggers by now gov’”
2/25 c1 IJustWannaReadEpicStories
you rush through the story, you don't do the work, dont let the characters set root and you overpower Harry from nothing. you leave more questions unanswered, you don't seem to be taking the story very seriously. you just want it done and away, but you will probably loose interest after a few chapters, and it will lay forgotten. classic signs.
2/25 c1 IJustWannaReadEpicStories
I'm a little against the American graduation you gave Hogwarts last year students. it's a confirmed fact that Hogwarts don't have graduation and definitely not an American one. if you do a graduation at least stick to the English ways.
2/24 c3 blueroses
I love Harry's attitude and I look forward to the next chapter.
I think it would be better for Harry to go to find supplies with the others to be able to get a vehicle that allows him more safety with 2 children.
It may be that he goes to find what he needs while others deal with Rick.
and merle it is better that he is not involved, than accompany harry in his search for when they leave the group, that it is a getaway where he can use magic and search the best he can.
They may also get angry because they were left forgotten by the disaster that rick leaves behind and they have to find another way out by finding the car dealership and Harrycan modify it with the knowledge of the books he has, perhaps make his godfather proud and take it further and totally independent the vehicle.
2/23 c3 2acetwolf94
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