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for Old 'The Dixon's Merry'

2/23 c3 Hpwdfic fan
Ebony, slick, beautiful and ferocious, perfect. lori and shanes smackdown awesome! i don't think merle waited 10 minutes before attempting the amputation. he's been to jail and the military, he should know how to dislocate that thumb and escape those cuffs. that's a reason they do zip ties now, because so many people can, i learned how to on the internet ages ago. because of the chained door, merle misses the gang, escapes the building, finds a RV dealership, packs it full of supplies, finds andre up a tree, rescues, and meets harry and daryl as he returns to quarry. realises rick needs med care, helps him but don't take any stuff from him and publicly gives carol a choice. jackie and theo beg to go alone bcause they're sick of being hattie mcdaniel. the morales family follows. a few thoughts, thanks for a bad ass, keep me reading story.
2/22 c3 Spencer366
the way that you have written Harry option would be to spend time with Carol, kick ass with Daryl, and then go find Merle
2/22 c3 Frenchfan
Honestly i really like your story so far good work. I myself would be more for the idea of harry going and helping merle since it is with him that you want harry but do what you want and feel the more right
2/21 c3 godess bubbles
I can't decide which I like more. Harry finally having that talk with Carol and kicking Rick's ass or having him give the supply run group a piece of his mind... I think it would be best to have Harry go with the supply run group because Harry can always talk to Carol during the chaos that is Rick being reunited with his family. I just feel like Ed will have less of a focus on Carol during this time, or Harry could run into Carol while they're doing laundry or something.

I'm honestly so happy that we say Harry give Lori a piece of his mind! You have no idea how happy that made me! Also, I glad that we get to see Harry adopt Carl I think it was sweet. I do wonder how things are going to change now that Rick will be in the picture. I can't wait to see what you do and if Harry adopts Sofia (and I guess Carol) into the Dixon family!
2/21 c3 KyKyjo
Love your story... glad your felling better. I liked all your ideas,but I would like to see Harry go with them. Maybe have where they try to leave Merle. T-dog still drops the key down the drain so Harry stays behind with Merle until they leave so he can magic him out of the cuffs, not without Harry having some words with them of course. Would also like for Harry and Merle to find a RV which Harry can add runes to so its indestructible and possibly runs on solar power instead of gas...just some ideas.
2/21 c3 Elfin69
i absolutely love this and it is good to see Merle's POV before meeting up with Harry and Teddy. It was awesome to see Harry really let Lori have it for talking bad about his and Teddy's parents and then when she figured out that Carl was with them that he took and adopted Carl. Would love to see Ed taken down by Harry just once before the Walkers get there. I do think that Harry should go with the group and have Daryl watch Carl and Teddy while he is gone and then not let anyone hurt Merle since he seems to be doing well with his family to take care of. Hope that you are feeling better
2/21 c3 Rainraven
for your story
Hope your feeling better
They both look very interesting, you could even have it where none of them go on the run. Sorry I wasn't any help.
2/21 c3 onidra
I'm happy you're doing better and still writing. Harry should go with them on the supply run.
2/21 c3 Tinnil
I think Harry should spend some time with Carol, but I really like the idea of Merle already going through the rehab process. Maybe have a short scene with Merle and Harry right before Merle and the rest go on the supply run about his progress with going cold turkey. Harry could spend the day with Carol and then he could go be a badass to save Merle from himself. Maybe show us some of Harry's skills as a doctor? I'd love some more of Harry's backstory about how that happened. I'm really loving the story and can wait for the next chapter.
2/19 c2 mattcun
i cant wait to see the next chapter
2/19 c2 3VictoriaNara
He is the MOD he just doesn't realize it yet, I'm planning on death meeting with him at the CDC since he would be in a semi safe place to reveal the news, and suggesting he blood adopt any children he picks up along with teddy to make them immune from the walkers, im planning on making Harry and Merle go through a marriage bond way later in the story which will make him and daryl immune while giving Merle Harry's life span and enlongating Daryls.
2/18 c2 Elfin69
Glad to see that he found the Dixon's before the quarry and that they are protective of him and Teddy. Will he make sure that his group actually has enough food along with the children in the other group because i do not see him allowing Shane and Lori to boss them around since they were there first. Would love him to start looking after Carl and making sure that Ed does not hurt Carol or Sophia with a spell nobody will notice. Glad to see that he has food and supplies along with his trunk for food and maybe he will find an offroad vehicle or RV for him and the Dixons.
2/18 c1 Elfin69
This is absolutely awesome and i hope that Harry and Teddy land somewhere safe at least and figure out quickly what is going on. Is Harry the MOD and will he be safe from the virus along with Teddy since they were not there when it broke out or will it just be him safe due to Phoenix tears and Basilisk venom and then he can blood adopt Teddy to make him safe from contracting the virus. Cannot wait until he meets the Dixon's at least. How far into the apocalypse does he land
2/18 c2 2acetwolf94
2/17 c2 13ElysiumPhoenix
I am loving this so far, and I think it would be hilarious for the others to think Harry's a girl at first. I think the Dixons and Harry would find it a brilliant inside joke.
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