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for Old 'The Dixon's Merry'

2/16 c2 godess bubbles
I would totally love to see Harry just adopting every child he comes across, because let's be honest those children will be safest with Harry. Also Harry could teach them how to survive, and you could make the excuse that Harry doesn't want any child to live like he had to. I'm honestly looking forward to Harry putting Lori in her place! Can't wait for chapter 3!
2/16 c1 3VictoriaNara
So, go with Merle and give Rick a talking to, or Rescue Merle with Daryl after beating their asses?
2/15 c2 Guest
Lori would try to boss him around anyway if he looks young. Heck Lori bosses everyone around anyway.

Yes to finding and adopting children.

Dr. Hadrian should also secretly (stored in statis in his trunk) obtain some sperm/eggs to further insure the survival of the human race past 200 yrs.

As the CDC is supposed to have things on hand for 'Diseases' would they have back up of their Dr.s Genetic Codes in case an infertility disease popped up? Would the Genetic Banks have some kind of Deep freezer with a back up power generator some that the Genetic material could stay viable longer? Those things are heavily insulated to keep the cold in aren't they.
2/15 c2 Spencer366
if you are going to allow the group to think Harry is a girl then please let Harry at least punch Lori or even better beat her up. every other story that has him about to hit her someone always stopped him and I want see the groups reaction to him hitting her
2/14 c2 Hpwdfic fan
story is progressing well. Will Shane and lori just come in and take over the quarry, work Daryl to the bone, take down their warning system and boss Harry around? Also why don't Harry and Merle or daryl go get a new solar powered rv, fill it up with supplies and a trailer with cans of gas or batteries, it would be safer for teddy than staying out in the elements, even with magic. I have visited Atlanta, georgia and the dealerships were everywhere. While retrieving said TV, they can save a magically inclined 3 year old Andre, giving teddy a playmate and friend until they find michie by chance. Just some thoughts if I could write. Thanks
2/14 c1 Hpwdfic fan
story has good beginning. Thanks.
2/14 c1 1Angeldealer
I dont care hes gay, but I'm happy he can't get pregnant out of nowhere, it's pretty dumb when people write about people getting pregnant during the zombie apocalypse, so I'm glad he has to use Magic to get pregnant. I hope I don't see him pregnant till the end of this story. (curb the mpreg!) lol
2/14 c1 death hunter 101
Great chapters, overall the beginning is great but a little advice is when your making Harry think to himself use something other than all caps because it looks like Harry's shouting at himself and when harry puts up his oculus shields i think it would be oclumency shields however even whith these little things I'm loving it so far.
2/14 c2 Rainraven
for your story. As to the questions, #1- would depend on how you have the relationship of Shane and Lori, #2- I love the idea of Harry and more kids, #3- this idea is wonderful.
2/14 c2 Zaurelie
Super! H√Ęte de lire la suite
2/12 c1 Goddess Selene
Good plot, but you need a beta to go over and point out spelling and other grammar errors. I hope you keep writing. Good luck.
2/10 c1 laraferreira
Loved it. Continue
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