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9h c13 Dragon of Yin and Yang
Excellent story! Can't wait to see where it goes.
9/28 c7 2August the Mad Woman
Looking back to this particular chapter, all are literally amazing. But if you ask me, 1 has the most promise, we all love a different version of Lucy and a different turn in the story. And then there's 4, something about Laxus being domestic hits different.
9/28 c13 August the Mad Woman
omg the train scene is so cool
9/28 c12 August the Mad Woman
This chapter made me remember one of things I find most interesting in FT— Lucy's family. It seems like they follow a Matriarchal system. I hope Mashima explore more on their background in the future.
9/28 c11 August the Mad Woman
Dude, you better pay for my therapy because this chapter wrecked me for real.
9/7 c13 Netch Leynes Ramos Oriel
Thanks for the update.. Hope you can update soon...
8/4 c12 Veronik91
Thanks for the update!
6/3 c10 Veronik91
Happy graduation!
4/17 c7 2FriendlyPrism
I think number 1 sounds great! And 2. For 1, I would leave the title in latin. All of these sound nice, honestly, so just do whatever you feel is the best or the one you have the most inspiration for! Good luck!
4/12 c7 GinaCat
I think they all sound great
4/12 c8 mimililla
I love this chapter :) Update soon pls :)
4/9 c1 Veronik91
I can’t wait to read all of them. Keep going
4/8 c7 Guest
4/3 c7 takeagamble27
These all sound so original I can’t wait to read them when they come out! The first one especially- a vengeful Lucy? Love it
4/3 c7 Netch Leynes Ramos Oriel
Wow... As in wow.. ... Im hoping you could write all of them... Especially the plot no. 3.. it hilarious... Lol.. Im also hoping you could write a story of them in crossover...
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