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8/25 c26 Amanduhboss
Congrats on graduate school. That's obviously way more important and such an achievement. No rush. I'm just glad to hear this story has a long way to go.
8/8 c24 Amanduhboss
Damn. Can't wait for the next chapter
7/30 c23 Motto1995
It’s ample time for Draco to think about a plan to force his mother to stop her meddling. She’s such a little despote.

What Draco need is fee will and freedom
7/29 c23 Amanduhboss
Hermione is super white but I guess she's brown compared to Malfoy XD No judgement on your end, it just makes me laugh. Aside from my dumb comment, can't wait for more Dramoine.
7/22 c22 Amanduhboss
Fantastic chapter.
7/14 c21 Amanduhboss
Too short for my greedy tastes but good nonetheless
6/25 c20 Amanduhboss
"Friends" That's pretty wholesome
6/17 c19 Guest
Gracias por la actualuzacion parece que ya va avanzando Draco ya era hora.
Nos vemos en el proximo capitulo.
6/17 c19 Guest
Ha sido una espera larga para que por fin se disculpe correctamente, espero que no tenga un retroseso.
6/7 c18 Amanduhboss
good chapter. thanks and I can't wait for more juicy drama
6/2 c17 OnceUponABlueMoonDream
In terms of visiting with Harry France may be closer, but with magic does that really even matter? The difference that I think matters is that it's a magical school and in a very nearby country. She's still going to have to deal with all the same issues she's trying to escape from. I really think that if she wants to get away from all the drama she should go to Yale. She won't have to deal with prejudice and the constant scrutiny. She could just skype with Harry too. While it's not the same as living close, you don't have to "lose" someone just because they move away these days. There's so many ways to stay in touch with people these days as long as you put in a little effort to do so. That's not even taking in consideration the fact they are magical and have portkeys. It's not like anyone would say no to Harry asking for one or that MACUSA would deny him visiting!

I admire the way Molly dealt with Ginny and Ron. I also liked that Arthur actually involved himself, though it was really weak it was at least something. Those two really need to grow up already!

Hopefully Harry will get a better understanding of what Hermione's really going through and encourage her to do what's best for her. And I can't wait for what she says to Draco when she sees him!
5/25 c16 Amanduhboss
Very interesting
5/24 c16 OnceUponABlueMoonDream
Ron's such an ass! Ginny is incredibly insensitive given her earlier analysis of Hermione's reticence. She had to know that would have Hermine cringing. I'm assuming Ron said something crappy and Ginny was jut reacting to it, but still. I've got second hand embarrassment just from reading it! The two youngest Weasleys were clearly babied since the others have some tact and empathy while Ron and Ginny are loud, brash, and trample over everyone when they get mad or want something. Never been a fan of either of them. Honestly there's been a lot of people behaving inappropriately lately. If I were Hermione I'd be beyond mad that Draco was snooping through my private correspondence and worse telling Harry about it. Serious invasion of privacy there. And really Harry, how are you going to explain knowing about that without tattling on Draco? I'd be even more sure about ditching all this stressful drama and running off to America after these latest events. Though of course I'm rooting for Draco and Hermione to get together, I think she needs to get away from it all and make new friends who won't hurt her or get all up in her business. It would probably be better for Draco's mental/emotional health too if he went with her. Anyway, this is a very engaging story. Thanks for sharing it.
5/3 c13 4Azi
The giant wall-of-text "paragraphs" need to be broken up. They truly make reading more difficult. I recommend getting a beta reader to help with that and to help fix up sentence structure & the flow of what you want to get across to your readers.
4/26 c11 Aypearson
Loved this! Please finish it!
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