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for All Stars

10/11 c2 bit-beep
update please
10/3 c2 bit-beep
please updateee
3/12 c2 Guest
I like this fic a lot but, the chapters are very short and when i am getting excited reading is the end of it. Sad Face.
3/12 c2 2wavyy
good chapter, update soon!
3/12 c2 WickedlyGleeful
Cool chap
2/27 c1 LoveMyQuinntana
This story is way too amazing!Please, please, please continue!
2/14 c1 H06
Loving it
2/11 c1 WickedlyGleeful
I’m enjoying this so far
2/10 c1 Guest
I know that is too soon to comment but, this fanfic is looking good so far. Thanks
2/10 c1 Guest
I love it alreadyyy!
2/10 c1 2Koyukix
It was short, but I liked it! The dialogue sounds realistic and it's something that I can imagine the characters saying. Overall great job :) Just one thing, if it's a shipping fic, you can tag Quinn and Santana as a pairing and it'll show up as such in the summary section!

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