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for Fallen King - The Rise

11/22 c4 percabeth4eva23
10/10 c4 Clara230108
Please update! The story is amazing!
8/9 c4 1Wolf1
Update pls also I can’t wait to see Perseus do battle again and see this story develop
7/31 c4 2Echoxenvy
Also how powerful will Percy be in this?
7/31 c4 Echoxenvy
Damn nice chapter bro, interesting story. I don’t see how you balance both this and Never Bow Down lol, personally I have to do one story at a time. And that’s crazy cause I’m trying to make Son of Hercules the longest Percy Jackson fanfic. Anyway good chapter bro and can’t wait for the next on both stories, especially Never Bow Down.
7/30 c4 PokemonAndPJOFanboy
Love this story and this is the first time I have seen a Percy Jackson fanfic like this! I hope you see this story through to the end because this is a great story (also I have read WAY to many stories that were amazing but the author did not finish or finished in a rush). Also these are very well edited chapters, I can’t find any grammatical errors or misspellings, Great Job!
7/29 c4 4weirdhead
Let's see what's going to happen. I'm impressed.
6/21 c3 2Going Dark
Ah yes. I do indeed recall a similar part in anaklusmos’ story but the Hitler part is new
6/18 c3 Guest
6/17 c1 AVWPD5033B
so he's dead?, superbly written battle
6/17 c3 AVWPD5033B
ayy been waiting a loooooooooooooooong time
6/18 c3 22Dawn.justice
6/17 c3 1sde726
6/10 c2 Lord Of Sky
Amazing start.. you have me hooked!
5/1 c2 Azuazu
February seriously I don’t want to be demanding or anything but do you think you can hear the update again this year
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