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for The Sperm in the Special Agent

12/1/2023 c24 fanofB-B
I loved your story , Its truly heart warming. You keep on writing I'll keep on reading ! Thank you .
9/17/2023 c6 Kathleen Castillo
Damn I had to print a hard copy of this ep. Damn.
When he asks her to use a condom if she finds a guy I just wow. Again I feel Booth’s anguish in my bones!
9/17/2023 c3 Kathleen Castillo
I am reading this for a second or third time and I can feel visceral, tangible pain radiating from Booth. After reading hundreds of fics this one is certainly unique in the way you carried out the event. I get new things each time I read it.
8/25/2023 c7 Boothbabe22705
Adore Fierce Alpha Brennan!
8/25/2023 c6 Boothbabe22705
OMG you are truly a wonderful writer and this chapter was . It was simply perfect and you write emotion and sex scenes that had me in tears. I could just feel Booth coming undone. One of my favorite fics.
8/25/2023 c3 Boothbabe22705
That was incredibly intense and I love how you structured the scene! Wonderful plot which is of course entirely unique. I’ve read hundreds of fics and never read anything like it. I’m so enjoying this!
7/14/2023 c24 mauricia Sisk
Bravo! I had some very uncomfortable moments in early chapters, but you gracefully and sweetly allowed us to experience their evolution, Indio and as a couple.
Lovely story! Thanks for writing!
7/14/2023 c5 mauricia Sisk
Ok, I’m sorry but this is just so….pathetic. He is a MAN, right? Brennan is just so selfish. Everyone is quick to point out “her genius and her pain”, but never seem to point out how selfishly she hurts OTHERS! Somehow, because she’s an attractive white woman she gets a different standard-her pain (which she has chosen to deal with via the specificity of empiricism and rationality) makes her callous disregard of others somehow ok. She demanding the BEST of Booth while giving nothing. Doesn’t she CARE about him? It’s clear she knows him and his values, yet she plays him against himself to get what she wants. Why not use an anonymous donor? She’s rich; she can shot call the donor specifications. Sorry for the rant. Love the writing-all of it and will keep reading, but I just needed to get that out.
7/14/2023 c3 mauricia Sisk
DAMN! You went there and the angst! My poor Seeley!
3/15/2023 c24 6EvreHavva
me encanto
12/28/2022 c24 Guest
Sigh. Thank you so much for continuing to tell your stories! You have. Nice way of building the characters I'll read as long as you write!
12/27/2022 c24 dms517
The gradual changes in Brennan’s emotional development was beautifully depicted in this story. Your talent for showing her true heart and love for Booth was wonderful. A lovely Christmas gift for us. Thank you for keeping the Bones storyline alive. Happy New Year, Doge.
12/18/2022 c24 Jenna 345
Brilliant. Thank you so much for sharing this with us. Best of luck with the new story.
12/16/2022 c24 7Terri411
Merry blessed Christmas and Happy New Year Doge, loved the story, hate to see it END, but so happy that Brennan had that baby and that Booth was right here with her, it was great so loving and support he give to her, just beautiful, thank you for sharing..

Beautiful Ending, pretty awesome writing, so going to miss your wonderful fanfiction, but so looking forward to more of your sweet work, thank you and HAPPY WRITING! :-)))))))))))))))))))))))))))) xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo...
12/15/2022 c24 11Mitana
I have really enjoyed this whole story and appreciate all your effort in writing it! Lots of great and touching moments. Thank you, and I’m looking forward to your new one!
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