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6/21 c11 adfranke1
just like Sara planned in the show
6/14 c11 hunter41963801
This was a great chapter but did you see last night's episode of legends of tomorrow?
5/23 c9 Canary Cries
I wonder how Sara feels being back in the Vanishing Point since she was trapped there with other paragons for several months during Crisis.
5/23 c9 3UniversalChronosMage
Pure Bliss!

Now it's time to kick Savage's arse!

So from what I can see the plan will be to operate from the vanishing point now, although i can't see how they're going to explain how they're qualified to the remaining Time Masters without mentioning Crisis.

5/22 c8 Guest
Ahhh the Thanagarian invasion, I have forgotten about that. Maybe I forgot about it because the show has made no reference about that event after season one, you know the same world ending event that drove the Time Masters to do what they did. I don't understand why the writers forgot about that storyline. It's what season one has been about. It's just like in season 2 when the writers forgot about the JSA after Amaya found out what happen to them and promise Obsidian/Todd to bring the society back to honor them but nothing came out of that. :/ (FYI, this is before Stargirl was a thing.)

The Thanagarian invasion should've been an arrow verse crossover, it would've been perfect opportunity for the legends to have their own crossover like Arrow and Flash did. Even could've bring back Kendra/Hawkgirl and Carter/Hawkman. The Dominator invasion turned out to be a waste of time as that crossover only happened just to have Supergirl appear on Earth one and meet the rest of the arrowverse heroes and there was no follow up story as to what happened to dominators and the impact they have left on Earth. (In my personal opinion, the justice league should've been introduce in this crossover instead of Crisis.)

Another legends crossover would've been prefect to introduce a present day Justice Society to follow up Amaya's story of keeping her promise after leaving the legends instead of disappearing to Zambezi and cutting off from the rest of the world to save her granddaughters who both disappear off screen and never heard from them again. (You would think Amaya would've kept her promise after the dominator invasion and the idea of team of heroes protecting the world should've been the forefront on her mind.)

So many wasted opportunities.
5/12 c8 Guest
Give yourself some credit. Your doing so well with the Time Council/Oculus arc. Sure there could've been a couple of more scenes of the other legends fighting against time master members and guards and their perspectives of the broadcast of Master Deuce's confession. But this is fine, I'm enjoying how this is turning out, so much better than how the show handle the Time Masters. I find it weird how they never mentioned what happened to them after season 1 on the show, they're not even mentioned by Rip when he created the Time Bureau. Sometimes I feel like the legends did more harm than good for blowing up the vanishing point and the time masters . What about all the time masters that never got message about the destruction of the time council and got lost in the timeline, I mean remember that lone time master that got infected by the biological chemical weapon (zombie virus) he collected in a mission in the 2200s and got standard in the 1800s unintentionally spreading the virus almost dooming the entire human race and the timeline is the perfect example. (FYI I find it scary how the legends never found the infected lone time master after dealing with the Zombified Confederate soldiers, they just dealt with the virus. It's never mentioned again after that episode.) What about all the changes that Master Deuce and time council have done to the timeline and helping Vandal Savage? We're supposed believe that it was all undone? If that were the case then what were those changes?
5/12 c8 Guest
Yes, you're not the only one who noticed there's common theme in the current season with the previous seasons. Honestly, that's one of the reasons why Legends has gotten so uninteresting and dull. In almost every season it ends the same way, the difference is that the seasons storylines set up starts off differently. It's not original anymore. It's one of reasons why show has gotten so boring and has drop in quality that it keeps having these near cancellations by the network but manages to keep going.

On a related note, not many people don't realize this but the show has been suffering for some time now. With the reusing of storylines from previous seasons, the show hasn't aknowledge storylines that haven't been resolved, that and the loss and constant change of main characters, the loss of family and friends relationships the legends use to have, the loss of world building (in the present day) and grounded life lessons and character development, and I find it unrealistic how the legends don't suffer some kind of "Cabin fever" to due to being in the waverider all the time or suffer some form loss sense of time displacement due to traveling to different time periods.

Not to mention, there's this sense of deattached-ness the show seems to have gotten from the rest of the Arrowverse. Have you notice before Crisis that the legends (excluding Sara and Ray) don't get involved in crossovers anymore or at all? They claim to be friends with the other heros and know them personally but not once have they been seen interacting with them. They only been referencing them or the events the other heroes fought in but never getting involved or interacting with them. And it's gotten worse as of late.

If I'm being realistic, despite my love for the show, if it keeps going the direction it keeps going, I don't know how much longer it's going to last.
5/8 c7 Guest
Why does Rip keep mentioning or implying that he died? (Wait...did he actually die in the show?) We don't know what actually happened to him during the fight against Mallus. I always assume Rip was teleported to a different time like he did in season 2. I know the actor who played Rip left the show but I had hoped the writers didn't actually killed him off. That would suck and be completely lazy. And I really getting sick and tired of the CW killing off characters all because the actors left. Till this day, the arrowverse writers keep making or made a mistake killing off characters like Martin Stein, Leonard Smart and many others as there was so much to do with them, there are other ways to write off characters at least that way we'll know there are still alive.
5/2 c7 mmat
Will you add anyone from Black Lightning, Batwoman, Stargirl and Superman & Lois?
5/2 c7 rgriffin8999
hey have when constantine debugs the oculus he uses the line he used in apokolpis war when he was debugging cyborg
4/1 c5 Guest
I just love the fact that even The Time Masters even aknowledge the Star Wars is the best franchise and a cinematic masterpiece all of time. (George Lucas must've gotten a kick hearing that on the show.) Also The Legends should've be bragging about knowing about the ending of the the movies if they knew the how much the sequels were frowned upon. (When the legends should go back to the present (2013?) and change the storylines for the sequels with Cisco and other arrowverse star wars fans's help! XD)

If the movies are revered in the future, what does that make the Clone Wars series?
4/1 c5 UniversalChronosMage
Interesting, they're going to save the time master's and rebuild with the best of them. That's a take I don't think I've seen before.

To quote a wise old martian "Why does everyone always think getting captured is the best plan!"

Granted, they do already know how this turns out and the time masters aren't expecting them but still...
3/20 c4 UniversalChronosMage
Quite interested to see what you have planned for Wally and Jesse, I assume they will both join the Legends? And it's quite funny to see how calmly Rip accepts Sara's statement about killing him, I always thought we needed more from him in the show after all we don't even know for certain if he's dead or time scattered after defeating Mallus... sigh.
I hope that you plan on dealing with Darhk will be interesting, I would love to see a drawn out battle between Team Arrow and Darhk especially if you plan on gifting Darhk with knowledge of the previous multiverse in order to make him more of a challenge.
3/19 c4 Doritos79
3/6 c3 Doritos79
sacré Novu je suis curieux de connaitre les cadeaux des autre parangons éhéh sinon excellent chapitre
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