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7/22 c28 Guest
I thoroughly enjoyed reading this. Parker for the win!
4/26 c28 7Cgarcia555
Enjoyed this roller coaster of a story. You got Parker down pat. Well all of them actually. Well done!
2/28 c28 3bettamax
Great story, love at the end where the team takes care of everything and leaves Nate out of it - fun twist as it's usually him doing that to them. Happy endings are always appreciated!
2/27 c28 carebear818
I like you happy endings. You can ALWAYS have them. I like your intrigue, your twists and turns, the angst, the suspense BUT Always the happy endings. Don’t change that. Thank you.
2/27 c27 carebear818
So Sterling is suspicious of what the team is planning. But Sophie told Nate they were not trying to spring him. Interesting to see how their plans work.
2/26 c26 carebear818
Parker’s plan sounds very feasible. Hope it works.
2/24 c25 carebear818
So far so good with Interpol. Plan seems to be working. Hope the team doesn’t move too fast but then... lots of twists. Waiting to see how you will proceed.
2/23 c24 carebear818
Ok so one plan is in the works but another in planning stage. “Pick a country?” Oh No. What are you planning for this story?
2/22 c23 carebear818
A new twist? Will they ever be safe? Reminecent of the job on the boat Nate taking the blame. How will they get totally free?
2/21 c22 carebear818
Truly sadness expressed by Parker. But hey hope as Nate woke up and talked to her.
2/21 c21 carebear818
I like how team members talked to each other about. What Nate meant to each and how he “save” each.
2/20 c20 carebear818
Avery sad emotional chapter. BUT Nate will make it. He loves them too much. Hard to wait for next writing.
2/20 c19 carebear818
The chopper killed the notion of surprise. But they got Nate away. Hope it is not too late. Nate is a fighter. Fight hard.
2/19 c18 carebear818
Ok. Documents in hand everybody at the ready. Oops bad timing on copter. Go go go.
2/19 c18 Nana
I really enjoying your stories. I love that they are long and action filled and all the team is in them!
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