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2/18 c17 carebear818
Oh brother. 2:11 am here and I heard my phone ding so found your next chapter. Very exciting. Took everything Parker could muster NOT to step in. The others better hurry tho.
2/18 c1 Guest
Great story glad you're writing agian, keep up the good work
2/18 c16 carebear818
Such a great chapter. Little more info about Keyhole and these guys. Now to get Nate and soon.
2/17 c15 carebear818
Oh No! Nate blocked their plans to hide him and let these guys take him. Sure hope the team is ready to track and the earbuds aren’t found. Very worried.
2/17 c14 carebear818
Knew they would have to get Nate out of the hospital. They need to hurry and get Nate away from the hospital. Still don’t think those guys are from Homeland. Story getting very interesting. Please hurry other chapters.
2/17 c13 carebear818
Very tricky. They need to get Nate out of there. Maybe another room or even to the safe house. Don’t trust those Homeland agents if that’s who they are.
2/17 c12 carebear818
Homeland? Not sure about that. Can’t take flight because Nate is still not ready.
2/16 c12 carebear818
Who are these guys? Bet NOT Homeland. The tram but managed to keep their covers. What really happened to Archie? Those papers are important to someone. (Must be fun creating these senarios and following different threads). Enjoying this story.
2/15 c11 carebear818
FAITH. They all need to own it and stay strong for each other and esp for Nate.
2/15 c10 care bear818
Quite a lot of drama. First Nate is dead. Then he’s not. Now he maybe. Still don’t know about this other person. How does he fit in?
2/15 c9 carebear818
Not good. Plans got foiled. Who is this Tompkins anyhow? Story and problems continue.
2/15 c8 care bear818
Espionage. Nate and Archie and then the others. Wonder what and who this about. This story is definitely keeping my interest as do ALL your stories.
2/15 c7 carebear818
So sad especially for Parker. Wonder when they find out about the basement. Will Nate call? Is he able?
2/15 c6 carebear818
OMG. Lucky that Archie knew about the basement. Hopefully they are ok as they did get down. How will they notify the others?
2/14 c5 carebear818
Interesting chapter. Still trying to find who is after Parker. Another attempt and now Archie is involved.
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