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for The Parker Job

2/14 c9 3bettamax
Wow that fell apart quick. Love that all these chapters have one thing in common - they really have you waiting on the edge of your seat for the next one! Love it thanks :)
2/14 c4 carebear818
This person(s) is persistent and still now idea who or why. Glad Parker had the best and Eliot is ok. Love how you keep the suspense going.
2/14 c3 carebear818
No closure to figuring out who or why. Did Parker finish her sketch? Harrison’s live with his laptop like my GS with is iPad. Nate made it through surgery Yea!
2/13 c2 carebear818
Oh brother. Who is after Parker.? Why?
2/12 c1 carebear818
Liked how story began with Parker and Nate but then who was that man and Nate trying to
Protect Parker is once again shot. Who?
2/11 c2 bettamax
Ooo exciting, wonder why anyone would be after Parker. So much suspense, great job!
2/11 c1 Westernbeauty
I love this! Sooo good
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