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2/11 c1 Dedehbee
Dear author, Can I please have a moment of your time?

I am being harassed by a group of trolls on here, they do not stop. They have a targeted harassment campaign against me, and are recruiting more members each day. This all started with writing a story that one of them didn't like. The leader, SaintHeartwing. He left a really mean review to me, so I blocked him. I thought it stopped, but it didn't end there. He wasn't happy that I kept making more chapters, so he got his friends in on it to harass me out of writing an interracial pairing in Invader Zim.
They stalked me on , Deviant Art, Twitter, Instagram and more. I am an artist and a writer, and because of their slander I lost money I was making on art commission because they ruined my good reputation. So due to death threats and harassment, I had no choice but to leave. I was forced out and lost income. I deleted all my artwork since they stole it. I deleted all my stories but could not delete my Fanfiction account. I was still getting harassed by this group, so i disable my private messages.
I have gone quiet, yet they still harass me. I reported this, but the administration team did nothing. These trolls put false information that they were victims of trolling on their pages to make it look good for themselves. Nothing happens to them. They continue to stalk and harass others.
Now they published a story under Invader Zim, called COME FIGHT ME. They did this using MY NAME! (Mundo De Bee). They created this fake account to get others in on it to stalk me. I reported it, but it still stands. Thus story tries to make it look like i challenged SaintHeartwing and his friends to a fight which I DIDN'T.
What I am asking is if you can report the criminal SaintHeartwing to Fanfiction administration team? He is the one who lied to people to get them to harass me. It would be a good idea to have him removed because he harasses MANY MANY PEOPLE. HE IS A TROLL. Thank you.
2/11 c1 fencer30
I think the volcano was simply afraid of Bakugo.

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