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for Long Time, No See

2/20/2021 c2 1Stormysea-breaks
Brilliant. The tension between the brothers is palpable. I also love the things that are left unsaid in their conversation. I am really living those terse interactions and feeling Dean's immense pain. That pain is emotional far more than it is physical. The reader gets the impression that it is the physical pain that is helping Dean with the abandonment and indirect betrayal he feels from Sam. That physical pain helps him to not lash out with words he cannot take back or a fist.
I am so glad to have found this very promising and beautifully written story. Thank you. Please update regularly.
2/12/2021 c1 Guest
Great beginning. And now...?
2/12/2021 c1 Shazza19
Wonderful start you love how you have started this story please continue.
2/12/2021 c1 imablur
Great start! Please continue.

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