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2/16 c5 Brendan Slater
The kikoho beam is a square not a triangle when fired
2/12 c6 Rush
I’ve reread this a few times. How did I not notice you mentioning Turles was stronger than Frieza?! But then is it Base Form or actual Final Form. Damn that’s a scary thought.
1/23 c10 Guest
Please update
12/25/2023 c1 4Chronosign
Really wish you updated, I'm rereading this out of boredom.
11/13/2023 c10 10nexusplayer
So i this getting updated?
11/4/2023 c9 NOCQP
Nappa keep it to you're self shorty
11/3/2023 c3 NOCQP
he not even five yet

Piccolo so I was 3 when I fought Goku.
10/4/2023 c10 Macilnar
Hopefully this will start up again soon. It is a really interesting concept.
9/11/2023 c10 playgame870
I realy like this Story i hope it gets an Update.
9/1/2023 c5 theeelderman5
super Saiyan grade 2-3 was cool because muscles being so big can limit your mobility limiting your speed so it's best for explosive power not endurance strength which I will seem grade strength
9/1/2023 c5 theeelderman5
people think bigger means you lose mobility say you punch at 30mph rightttt say if you had a pole that goes 30 mph we'll scale that up to a giant pole 30x bigger well if you were that big and the earth was you be going way further than 30miles especially per houryou just cover more distance faster and hit more things there ya go but I see the need for weaknesses
9/1/2023 c1 theeelderman5
holy sht I'm not black listed lesssss goooooooooooooooo go go go go
9/1/2023 c1 theeelderman5
becoming black listed was my biggest mistake
8/31/2023 c10 patrickmgrimm
You've spun such a wonderful tale!
Keep Going! Keep Crafting your Wonderful World in the Vast ocean that is the Multiverse
May the Muses sing to you their song and help write the story you have drawn.
8/21/2023 c1 2Ashurahhhhh
Well, this is gonna be interesting
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