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for Willow

7/3 c1 Godschildtweety
Really good i love it
2/24/2021 c1 Niomei
Was funny when Lucy woke up and realized that she wasn't in the other reality and also was very sweet Natsu's words.
2/18/2021 c1 3LayLay lives
Love it. It made me smile a lot.
2/14/2021 c1 LadyTeehee
awwww mad cute!
2/14/2021 c1 Anime-freak-otaku01
2/12/2021 c1 16mihairu7
A character gets slapped in this fic? Say more. I'm all ears. Oh, wait. Eyes. I meant eyes.

Aha! Unconsciously hot and badass Natsu strikes again! Stealing the heart right outta Heartfelia! Mwah-ha-ha!

Ah, yeeaahhh... Making her dress up just to search for treasure would be a real put off for any girl. Does it help that Natsu's an idiot? No? Sorry buddy, I tried. pats Natsu on the shoulder)

Aw, he went all sweet on Lucy for a second there...

Aaand then he became classic Natsu again. Damn lovable idiot!

Ooh! That's gotta hurt. Like that time my sis ran straight into the glass sliding door...

A father-daughter squabble in the woods, at the whistle of night, in front of a loyally masochistic maid and a couple of soldiers. That is so like a Fairy Tail argument.

What? Virgo gets slapped? Why her? I thought the slap was going to be one of those funny slaps. Like Natsu getting slapped after eating the last shrimp from Lucy's ramen. Or Gray getting slapped by Juvia when his eyes oggled some busty babe with no bra. Damn. Now I feel bad for anticipating a slap. Author-san, why do you injure me like this?

Wait, so they're just gonna... do it. Right then and there? Its not that I disapprove, its just... maybe he should shower first. Ya know, wash off all the blood and sweat first? Its actually not that romantic to be intimate with someone when they're bleeding and dirty so...

Ah, who cares, let them have their moment.

Welp, all's good in the Fairy hood! Poor Natsu.

Aww, Natsu! Saying all the stuff to make a girl tumble head over heels for you! And he does it in that adorably oblivious nature that you just can't help but fawn over! Aww man.

Overall, this was a nice fic. Good job. Seriously. Only... I'm still mad at you for the slap. I thought it was going to be funny. Stupid me.
2/12/2021 c1 Amanny
What a sweet and beautiful story

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