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2/13 c1 44smuffly
This story should have a sub-heading: Or How To Insert All Your Favourite Shules Moments Into One Lovely Valentines Fic.

Nicely done! And who wouldn't love a mushy story at this time of year? I'm not a big fan of the day itself, but I did love this. It's based on one of my all-time favourite scenes, and includes so many of my favourite moments. You even had that half-grin from the martial arts studio! Yay!

The whole thing was handled beautifully, of course. You could have made Shawn look foolish, for finding it so hard to say what's in his heart, but instead you explained it so well that it made even more sense than usual. I really loved the way that Juliet guided him into saying it at the end, but her realisation that he had been saying it all along, in every single thing he did for her, and all the ways he noticed her, was perfect.

Nice little touches with the other random details too - Lego bowling shoes, diplomatic immunity, quatro queso dos fritos, the way Shawn says 'me'... this was a tour de force of references, and I loved that too.

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