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for Spring time is meant to fall in love

2/13 c1 21Kairomone
0_0 starting off strong over there with Endeavor dead, damn, didn't expect that.

ahaha Shouto realizing he likes Momo like "wait, I actually like this girl. when the fuck did that happen?"

"Kirishima warned me about my boyfriend vocabulary." the fact that Shouto needs coaching to be a good boyfriend is simply hilarious and so on point. lmao and how he worried about saying no to watching a movie, poor boy is out of his depth emotionally.

Kirishima and Ashido are pure gold hahaha, with teaching Momo and Shouto how to be a couple. And that movie, ahahahaa. Todo you're too pure and you should have known better than to trust Kirishima xD

'His eyes scream conviction and determination! He really is a degenerate!' omg you're killing me here xD these two are hopeless, hopeless I say.

"So this is like some sort of right of passage. To become closer, a couple must endure this punishment." I can't argue with that, watching 50 Shades is a punishment lol

"Let's have a child together." omg xD how the hell did his through process go to 'yes, this is totally the solution to my imaginary problems"

aaaah the end scene was sooooo sweet, the proposal and the jokes back to the awkward movie scene. It was just precious. You definitely fulfilled your theme to a T. And I absolutely adored the characterization of Momo and Shouto. Good job!

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