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5/29 c6 12bored411
ooh can't wait to see how the students react to her
5/28 c6 1Mary D. Black2000
This is interesting but I have a hard time picturing her in my mind, like hair color, style, eye color, etc. Is she tall or short? I would like to know this
3/16 c5 12bored411
fun stuff. wonder who her favorite student will be ;) i'm betting on tokoyami.
3/13 c4 ReflectiveReader
I like how that first meeting between two teachers went. I'm sure I already favorited this story, but I would favorite it again if I could.
3/13 c4 bored411
ooh first meeting with aizawa. how fun! i wonder if his erasing quirk turning hers off means she's dying. just a guess but can't wait to see how this turns out!
2/17 c3 bored411
ooh, she's got a clue about his secret from just one meeting? curious to see if she can weasel it out of nezu ;) so I hope you can update again soon!
2/17 c3 1Crystal013
I love how you write everyone! and thank you for the update!
2/13 c2 12bored411
ah, nezu. "just don't die" sounds like him. can't wait to read more and see how she gets on with the teachers and students at UA!
2/13 c2 1Crystal013
IM LOVING THIS CONCEPT SO MUCH! it's a nice mix up from other bnha oc stories (which I love too, don't get me wrong) but it's refreshing to see something new

also thank you for the update! and I agree, I wish we had more content on Nezu- he's a very cool character, I've been thinking of doing something similar to this concept, but entirely different ofc (if that's okay with you, I don't want to do anything without asking your permission), something from my own angle

sorry for the long review btw,,, thanks again for the update!
2/13 c1 fatwhiteguy
Its really fucked that they experimented on him, just because he was an animal with a quirk. They've never explained it in canon, but I think you did a good job!
2/13 c1 Crystal013
I'm loving this! I'm looking forward to what you have in store, this is a wonderfully written beginning!
2/12 c1 12bored411
How interesting! Can’t wait to see how this turns out :)

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