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for The Magic of Heartbreak

5/23 c11 AshleyStewart09
This was an amazing story! I so greatly enjoyed it. Thank you for writing it.
5/23 c7 AshleyStewart09
I'm am really enjoying this.
5/23 c6 AshleyStewart09
This is so good
5/23 c3 AshleyStewart09
I am loving this!
5/23 c1 AshleyStewart09
Oh this is going to be good!
5/5 c1 emariporzingis
This was a good book, I liked it a lot.” ... If you have some great stories like this one, you can publish it on Novel Star, just submit your story to hardy novelstar. top or joye novelstar. top
5/3 c11 Robin.D
Good chapter :-):-):-):-) it was a good story }:‑) Loved it :-):-):-):-)
5/3 c10 Robin.D
That was a really good chapter:-):-):-):-)
5/3 c9 Robin.D
Oh well it looks like everybody has a man now :‑X good chapter :-):-):-):-)
5/3 c8 Robin.D
LoL :,-) a love spell from YouTube :,-) good chapter :-):-):-):-)
5/3 c7 Robin.D
It's good thing that Vicky has them girls as friends and they're okay with what she is }:‑) good chapter :-):-):-):-)
5/3 c6 Robin.D
I was wondering when Victoria would show up at Bella's LoL :,-) good chapter :-):-):-):-)
5/3 c5 Robin.D
Good chapter :-):-):-):-)
5/3 c11 84leoslady4ever
OMG why did I love this so much? Lol I know it was meant to be a little funny and all, but I just loved the girls being so close. The guys in their lives were peripheral. The friendship was what was most important. I'll never be able to look at Victoria the same again lol
5/3 c4 Robin.D
Wow she knocks the boy out and gets a new car LoL :,-) good chapter :-):-):-):-)
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