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for Hissing Shotaroaches

2/23 c1 H-Nala
Definately roachy
2/17 c1 Setsu.love.cain
Porfis has una pequeña continuacion. Me dejo con sabor a que falta, pero me gusto
2/16 c1 RukiYuki
Oh sho how much I wanted to do the same as kyoko chan did to you ...
2/16 c1 CopyrightKooky
I loved this! It so beautifully captured Sho's delusional narcissism. I wish you'd continue this. Even a chapter for when Ren and Kyoko announce their relationship or marriage. I want to know what it would take for Sho's delusions to crack.
2/15 c1 Lorigami8
It was very satisfying for Kyoko to tell Sho off like that. He’s in such serious denial! I’d enjoy more Shotaroach if you have more ideas!
2/14 c1 3Kaname671
Ahaha god Shotaroach is extra annoying! I can’t wait for her to draw that line in the manga and tell this punk off. He’s in such denial...lol. Awe and poor sweet cinnamon roll Hikaru, that’s what happens when Sensei doesn’t draw him past puberty at the age of 21 XD...Thanks for sharing Clara!
2/14 c1 dreamerkins
awesome! I'd love to see more! many of my favorite fics are when he gets caught pulling his, "MINE!" crap, in the spotlight, by accident, or thinking it'll somehow get her back to him... snicker...
2/14 c1 Hairy Friend
Beautiful as always! Thank you very much for another wonderful story!
2/14 c1 7Tloakk
Hahaha wow Sho's such a dangerous stalker. :')


I hope LME's warming up that restraining order. The delusion is too much. Who the fuck calls someone 'mine' anyway? ESPECIALLY when they PERSIST in declaring otherwise and avoiding you? Nope. Can't do it.

Loved Ren and Kyoko, as always, and I'm super glad she got to tell her nii-sans. 3
2/14 c1 5miss mika namariya
this was so fun to read I almost snorted laughing! Especially the line about nothing making the producer happy. Love the way you wrote all the Bridge Rock onii-sans, especially Hikaru. So nice to see a Kyoko who can stand up to him and tell Sho to f*#& off. Also, I really liked the ending with angsty Sho, how he's rationalizing and still in denial and can't move on. Hopefully we get to see something like this in the manga sometime soon!
2/14 c1 1Maui0murice
EEEEEE pissy Sho! Loved it! Happy Vain Day, Shotaroach!
2/14 c1 27Jhiz
Delusions, thy name is Shotaro. Very cute. Loved that the Ishibashis got to be actively helpful and supportive big brothers. I especially enjoyed the casual acceptance by Ren of Hikaru’s feelings. Mature, endearing, and cute by both guys all at the same timeThanks for sharing.

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